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Cheap Manicures and Pedicures

I’ve previously written about low cost pedicures and manicures and the reasons you should question them. In short when prices are lowered to an unreasonable level salons tend to cheat and reuse items that should be thrown away. Sanitary conditions slip when profit disappears.

Now there is another reason to watch our for “too good to be true” pricing. Salons in Europe and even Boston, San Jose, New Jersey and even York, PA have been found to operate as a front for human trafficking. The prices are dirt cheap because that’s not how the money is being earned. The girls that work there are forced to do nails by day and engage in prostitution at night.

It’s a horrible situation. While a nice fat price does not guarantee anything and a lower price does not automatically mean “human trafficking” you should be aware that it does exist.


August 8, 2013

Worried about Nail infections at the salon? Worry no more…

Nail Salon American Fork UtahMany people choose to skip the nail salon and do the task of polishing and grooming their own nails instead because they worry about sanitary conditions. That’s understandable. They don’t have control over the conditions of the nail tools and supplies that are used and they don’t feel safe.

Worry can be virtually eliminated however when clients obtain their own nail set that is stored at the salon. A salon like ours will put the tools needed to do your nails in a box and store it for you. The tools in that box are used only on you. They are yours. They still get sanitized just like all tools, but they never touch another client, ever.

The cost is minimal. You simply purchase the tools, and they are kept in a box labeled with your unique number. When you come in for service the technician finds and opens your box and uses your tools.

Anyone can request this service at La Nails 1. We have lots of clients that already take advantage of this feature.

Fear no more.