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April 21, 2018

Soaking Your Nails Before Manicures Is Actually So Bad For You, According To This Waterless Salon

If you’ve gotten even one nail service in your life, you know the drill. All technicians start by soaking nails before manicures and pedicures, then they proceed with the trimming, filing, polishing, etc. But as it turns out, that first step we’ve all been conditioned to expect (the warm, relaxing water bath) is actually a major faux pas. To get the low down on soak sessions, I sat down with Carolann Sanchez Shapiro, founder and CEO of Can Can Parleur, an organic, waterless salon in West Hollywood.

Shapiro tells me there are so many risks involved with soaking your hands and feet at a salon, but very little benefits. As an avid beauty junkie, I enjoy going to a salon and dipping my feet into a hot tub of water. The feeling of a foot soak, followed by some scrubbing and massaging, is really unbeatable. However, I’ve always been somewhat aware of possible risks. I once read about a woman contracting an infection, because it’s virtually impossible to clean in between each jet. But until now, I never thought twice about sticking my feet or hands in a pretty water-filled bowl or jet-less tub.

There’s no need to soak in water — there are no added benefits of it.

But why skip the soak all together? “There’s no chance of a client getting bacteria or a fungal infection,” Shapiro says. “[Skipping the soak means] cross contamination is completely eliminated.”

When I sat down for my own mani and pedi at Shapiro’s salon, technicians sprayed my hands and feet with an antimicrobial and antifungal spray, then wrapped them up in a hot, essential oil-infused towel. I got that same relaxing feel of a soak, without the thought of stewing in the previous client’s bacteria.

Of course, some salons are cleaner than others, so if you’re not worried about contracting bacteria at your go-to spot, you should still know that fungal infections aren’t only contracted in a salon, but just by soaking in general. “Water causes your pores to open, and when you apply polish on a nail with open pores, the polish will lift and it won’t last as long,” Shapiro says. Aside from risking a chipped mani, she explains it’s also “another way you can get a fungal infection. Once the polish starts to lift and you’re in the shower, that water starts to settle underneath the polish.” Before you know it, the moisture under your polish will become a breeding ground for fungus. Gross!

Salons are wasting 15 gallons of water per manicure and pedicure, including the washing of tubs.

If that’s not enough to deter you, there’s also the impact salon soaks have on the environment. Shapiro passionately shares how she has made a commitment to conserve water in her home and business. “Water is an amazing commodity. Here we are, where salons are wasting 15 gallons of water per manicure and pedicure, including the washing of tubs,” she says. “Especially in California, where we’re back in a drought, I’m really against wasting water.” She also adds that there is essentially no water regulation when it comes to businesses, so salons are free to waste as much as they see fit.

To recap, skipping the soak at your next salon visit will not only be great for the planet, but it prevents cross contamination from the client before you. It also reduces the risk of contracting a fungal infection during and post-service and helps your polish last longer.

I have to say, after receiving the waterless services myself, I didn’t really miss the soak. It’s been over a week now, and my mani and pedi (both painted with clean polishes) are still going strong. Though it doesn’t sound like much of an accomplishment now, just know that polish doesn’t usually last more than a couple of days on my nails. And now that I think about it, I’ve always soaked my nails before all those other short-term paint jobs. *Insert pondering emoji here.*


July 23, 2014

LA Nails 1 American Fork, Utah Closed for Pioneer Day July 24th 2014

Jul. 22, 2014 – AMERICAN FORK, Utah — LA Nails 1 will be closed July 24th, 2014 in observation of Pioneer Day and will reopen Friday July 25th for normal business.

Pioneer Day is a holiday unique to Utah. It celebrates the trek and entrance into the Salt Lake Valley by the Mormon leader Brigham Young on July 24, 1847. Salt Lake City itself celebrates with the Days of 47 Parade and other festivities.

The holiday has been celebrated since 1857 back when Utah was a territory. It is a long stand tradition in Utah puncuated by BBQ’s and fireworks.

La Nails 1 has been in American Fork since 1995 and under the current ownership since 2011.

Customers routinely order nail art to match holidays such July 4th with red white and blue flags, and Christmas with snow men, santa, and red and green themes. For Pioneer Day some clients come prepared with photos of their desired nail art which could include covered wagons, LDS symbols, and the Salt Lake Temple.

Not all businesses in Utah are closed during Pioneer Day. It’s not as big as the major National holidays so not everyone has the day off in which to relax and celebrate.

LA Nails is located at : 169 E 30 N, American Fork, UT 84003 and can be contacted at 801 756-1980

LA Nails 1


December 14, 2013

Ariana Grande’s Holiday Nails

Ariana Grande’s Holiday Nails

Ariana Grande's Holiday Nails

 When it comes to nails, Candy Cain is in. Look at what Ariana had done to her nails. 

Ariana Grande’s Candy Cane Manicure — Get Her Exact Look – Hollywood Life Thu, 12 Dec 2013 16:06:24 GMT

Ariana Grande’s Candy Cane Manicure Get Her Exact LookHollywood LifeAriana Grande’s Candy Cane Manicure Get Her Exact Look. Ari Instagrammed a pic of her nails on Dec. 10, writing: Jingle Moments by @stephstonenails. Celebrity manicurist Stepha …

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Of course you can always get your nails done in a similar fashion for the holidays. Nail art is something that can really give you nails a new look and provide much to talk about at holiday parties.

Cheap Manicures and Pedicures

I’ve previously written about low cost pedicures and manicures and the reasons you should question them. In short when prices are lowered to an unreasonable level salons tend to cheat and reuse items that should be thrown away. Sanitary conditions slip when profit disappears.

Now there is another reason to watch our for “too good to be true” pricing. Salons in Europe and even Boston, San Jose, New Jersey and even York, PA have been found to operate as a front for human trafficking. The prices are dirt cheap because that’s not how the money is being earned. The girls that work there are forced to do nails by day and engage in prostitution at night.

It’s a horrible situation. While a nice fat price does not guarantee anything and a lower price does not automatically mean “human trafficking” you should be aware that it does exist.


August 8, 2013

Worried about Nail infections at the salon? Worry no more…

Nail Salon American Fork UtahMany people choose to skip the nail salon and do the task of polishing and grooming their own nails instead because they worry about sanitary conditions. That’s understandable. They don’t have control over the conditions of the nail tools and supplies that are used and they don’t feel safe.

Worry can be virtually eliminated however when clients obtain their own nail set that is stored at the salon. A salon like ours will put the tools needed to do your nails in a box and store it for you. The tools in that box are used only on you. They are yours. They still get sanitized just like all tools, but they never touch another client, ever.

The cost is minimal. You simply purchase the tools, and they are kept in a box labeled with your unique number. When you come in for service the technician finds and opens your box and uses your tools.

Anyone can request this service at La Nails 1. We have lots of clients that already take advantage of this feature.

Fear no more.

July 6, 2013

Nail Salon in Walmart

Nail Salon in Walmart

Nail Salon in Walmart

Have you ever been to a nail salon in Walmart? There is nothing wrong with them per-se. Here in Utah, American Fork, Lehi, Orem, Draper, etc. you’ll find nail salons in most Walmarts. We thought about operating from a Walmart location as well.

Walmart locations do have some problems to overcome. First, the nature of Walmart and it’s perception of “discount” reflects on all the businesses that are inside. A nail salon in Walmart in my minds is seen as a cheaper version of a “real” nail salon. Not true, but that is the way people feel either consciously or subconsciously.

Another problem is that most nail salons in Walmart are of an open design. As you walk by you can clearly view everyone there getting a manicure or pedicure. Hundreds of people walk by as you are being worked on. Sometimes or most of the time you want privacy while getting a personal service. For those wearing a dress, having your feet up in a pedicure chair is sometimes revealing enough without having hundreds of people walking by that could steal a peek.

Notice rarely will you find a TV inside a Nail Salon in Walmart? The reason is that the sound bleeds in to Walmart itself and they don’t want that. Speaking of sounds, how about listening to every Walmart announcement and every cash register, even the self serve ones, while you try to relax?

Did you ever hear the security system go off while at Walmart? You know, the thing that beeps and twangs when someone leaves the store with a forgotten security tag intact? If you like that, perhaps we can blow a hand held boat horn next time we do you nails… !

Nail Salons in Walmart are fine. They do get the job done. It’s just not the most relaxing or ideal place to enjoy a manicure or pedicure.

February 22, 2013

When is St. Patrick’s Day in 2013?

For 2013 St. Patrick’s Day  is  Sunday, March 17. Make sure to get your green nails on!

There will be a parade in Salt Lake City. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is Saturday, March 16, 2013 at 10 a.m. put on by The Hibernian Society of Utah. The parade is through the Gateway Center.

There is also Celtic Celebration at Peery’s Egyptian Theater in Ogden. Stonecircle, Celtic Beat and Galloway Highland Pipes & Drums headline an event also taking place Saturday the 12th, beginning at 7:30 p.m

St. Patrick's day nails

St. Patrick’s day nails