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December 5, 2015

2015 Nail Salon Gift Certificates Utah County

A popular way to give someone that special attention for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or any special occasion. With an LA Nails 1 gift certificate your special person can pick and choose any of our services up to the amount of the gift certificate you have provided to them.

Here is how to order: ( Since it’s late in the season, we can mail them to whoever you like, but they are not guaranteed to get there before Christmas. You can have your recipient come to the salon, give their name, and pick up the certificate, or you may pick it up yourself at 169 E 30 N, American Fork, UT, next to Fresh Market )

Name of recipient
Their Email


Call the salon at 801 756-1980 and order via phone with your credit card or come in and visit us.

Nail Salon Gift Certificates

Nail Salon Gift Certificates

January 25, 2014

Kim Kardashian Takes Trip To Nail Salon, Valet Ruins Her Paint Job

Oops… when Kim Kardashian goes to the nail salon she got something she never expected. A return trip to fix a ruined nail job because she tippe a valet and he touched her nails.

What strikes us as strange is she didn’t have the nails dired before she left the salon. Our customers usually wait. Those that don’t take a risk of having nails ruined.

Kim Kardashian Takes Trip To Nail Salon, Valet Ruins Her Paint Job – Fri, 03 Jan 2014 22:43:56 GMT

HipHollywood.comKim Kardashian Takes Trip To Nail Salon, Valet Ruins Her Paint JobHipHollywood.comKim Kardashian spent Friday afternoon taking two trips to the nail salon … thanks to the valet. The reality TV star was photographed leaving a Los Angel …

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August 24, 2012

Nail Salon Dangers – Manicure and Pedicure Fungus

A nail fungus is a sometimes painful disease that affects the finger or toe nails. It often shows up as a yellow discoloration of the nail that is thicker than normal. Some might think that it’s just a beauty issue, but it’s more dangerous than that. Ask Paula Adul, the entertainer and American Idol judge, who lobbied to get stricter regulations on nail salons after a 2004 incident that left her in severe pain and a battle with nail fungus that lasted a year.

Are you protected? Your nail salon is supposed to sanitize instruments and use sanitary methods so that you do not get infected from another customer. Unfortunately not all nail salons follow safe practices despite the law. Often they get lazy or simply do not wish to purchase the proper sanitizers that are required. This can lead to a very bad infection or a nail fungus that will cost you .

LA Nails 1 in American Fork, Utah uses safe sanitary methods. We use barbicide to disinfect the pedicure stations and instruments despite its cost. We have a heat sanitizer that also is used to disinfect tools and towels. When a customer comes in that has an obvious nail fungus we won’t’ service them until they get that fungus treated and cured. Sure this is lost revenue to us but we look at the big picture and want to protect our clients.

Clients with a fungus have been turned away in the past not only to protect our other clients, but also so that they have a better chance to heal. Putting polish on top of a nail fungus does not allow that fungus to be treated and heal.

How can you protect yourself?

First if you do have a nail fungus, avoid the salon and avoid polishing your nails. See a dermatologist as soon as you can and get treated.

Second, ask your nail salon about their sanitary practices. Ask if they use barbicide and have a heat sanitizer. Ask them what they do if someone comes in with a nail fungus. The proper answer is to turn down service to that customer.

Not all nail salons are equal. It is better to pay a bit more at a salon that uses the proper sanitary supplies and practices than to go to a cheapo salon that doesn’t.

July 21, 2012

Nail Salon in Utah County

Utah County turns out to be a great place for a nail salon. La Nails 1 is happy to be here. The people of Utah County are some of the finest clients any nail salon could have. They love manicures and pedicures and we do many of them each day.

Prices tend to be lower for manicures and pedicures in Utah County than in other areas of the country. Go you go to Las Vegas for example and you’ll find that a manicure can cost as much as $55.00, more than double what we charge here. Those are admittedly tourist prices. Those visiting Utah County for nail services are often pleasantly surprised at the modest cost and superior service.
Just last week we had some tourists from Texas that came in. We did their nails and feet and they all left with smiles on their faces. I hope they will come back next time they are in town.

The nail salon business is a very competitive one even in Utah County. People do not realize how many nail salons exist until they start looking. There seems to be enough business for all the salons however. That’s a good sign in this economy.

Sometimes we are so busy we turn away walk-ins. We wish we could do everyone that asks but it’s just not physically possible. Utah County folks want to look good just as much as anyone in the country especially before an important holiday or event.

Utah County used to be a sleepy little area with not much going on. My how that’s changed. We see all the major retailers and restaurants in the area now. You can get almost anything you want without going to Salt Lake City. With I-15 being expanded and all the new housing being built, we will only see an increase in the need for nail salon services in Utah County in the future.

July 5, 2012

Nail Designs

Nail Art or Nail designs is simply putting a design on your nails usually on top of the polish color. At LA Nails 1 we do nail design art but not everyone knows about it.
Lately we’ve had some of our technicians do nail design on their own nails so you can see the result. For July 4th we had several designs that you could choose from including a flag and various red white and blue themes. The price is stunningly low, only about $3.00 for most designs.

There are various types of nail design. Some are stickers or decals that are applied to the nail. We do very little of that type of design. Ours are hand painted by the technician who has been trained in nail design art. The result is awesome.

When you have a birthday or special event consider adding nail designs to your nails when you get a manicure. For holidays nothing starts a conversation like themed nails.

July 3, 2012

Alpine Utah Fire

A large brush fire in Alpine Utah is raging as of this writing. A lot of our nail salon customers come from Alpine and we are concerned. LA Nails hopes that everyone in Alpine is safe and that the fire will be contained quickly.

Homes have been ordered to be evacuated. That’s not a good sign. The National Guard is assisting. Let’s hope that they will be able to contain this quickly

KUTV story

KSL story

June 28, 2012

Are we in Pleasant Grove, Utah ?

We get asked that question a lot. It seems some don’t know where the border between American Fork and Pleasant Grove is. The two cities do share a lot of streets. You could be in Pleasant Grove one minute and the next in American Fork and still be on the same street. I’ve always wondered what people consider their home town when their house sits on the border.
Our nail salon is not in Pleasant Grove. Sorry. Yes people have looked for ”nail salons Pleasant Grove” or “Pleasant Grove nail salons” on Google to find us and have been disappointed. LA Nails is actually in American Fork, UT but we are not that far from Pleasant Grove City.
Of course we do welcome all our Pleasant Grove clients of which we have many. When you come for a pedicure or manicure you’ll get top notch service no matter what city you hale from.
Our staff loves to do nails, and they love to do feet. There is a lot of satisfaction in doing a good job and I hope we always make our clients happy.