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August 20, 2013

Nail Fungus Treatment

Nail fungus. I hope you never get it. It’s nasty. If you come to the nail salon with a fungus, you will be turned away if the salon has any sanitary standards at all. At LA Nails 1 we do turn anyone away with a nail fungus and ask them to have it treated before coming back.

A nail fungus can be stubborn and often difficult to treat. It can be painful, cause order and discoloration, and even cause the nail to completely fall off. You can get a nail fungus from someone else that has it. That’s why it’s important that your salon uses clean sanitized equipment on each client.

To get rid of nail fungus you have two choices. You can see a doctor or you can treat it yourself. Obviously seeing a doctor is perhaps the smartest choice. Some people however want their own cure for whatever reason. Perhaps you don’t like doctors. Perhaps you don’t wish to spend the money. Maybe you don’t have insurance that will cover treatment. If you are going to “do it yourself” seek out good advice first. Google is a good resource, but take medical advise you find online skeptically. Treatments you find online may or may not be valid and may or may not harm you. The experience of someone else who has successfully solved their nail fungus is a clue, but it doesn’t take into consideration your skin type, your nail type, your allergies, or the severity and exact condition of your nails.

Don’t fool with it. Getting treatment early is vital. The fungus can spread to other nails and to other members of your family.

One resource that costs less than a doctor’s co-pay is this

Worried about Nail infections at the salon? Worry no more…

Nail Salon American Fork UtahMany people choose to skip the nail salon and do the task of polishing and grooming their own nails instead because they worry about sanitary conditions. That’s understandable. They don’t have control over the conditions of the nail tools and supplies that are used and they don’t feel safe.

Worry can be virtually eliminated however when clients obtain their own nail set that is stored at the salon. A salon like ours will put the tools needed to do your nails in a box and store it for you. The tools in that box are used only on you. They are yours. They still get sanitized just like all tools, but they never touch another client, ever.

The cost is minimal. You simply purchase the tools, and they are kept in a box labeled with your unique number. When you come in for service the technician finds and opens your box and uses your tools.

Anyone can request this service at La Nails 1. We have lots of clients that already take advantage of this feature.

Fear no more.

July 6, 2013

Nail Salon in Walmart

Nail Salon in Walmart

Nail Salon in Walmart

Have you ever been to a nail salon in Walmart? There is nothing wrong with them per-se. Here in Utah, American Fork, Lehi, Orem, Draper, etc. you’ll find nail salons in most Walmarts. We thought about operating from a Walmart location as well.

Walmart locations do have some problems to overcome. First, the nature of Walmart and it’s perception of “discount” reflects on all the businesses that are inside. A nail salon in Walmart in my minds is seen as a cheaper version of a “real” nail salon. Not true, but that is the way people feel either consciously or subconsciously.

Another problem is that most nail salons in Walmart are of an open design. As you walk by you can clearly view everyone there getting a manicure or pedicure. Hundreds of people walk by as you are being worked on. Sometimes or most of the time you want privacy while getting a personal service. For those wearing a dress, having your feet up in a pedicure chair is sometimes revealing enough without having hundreds of people walking by that could steal a peek.

Notice rarely will you find a TV inside a Nail Salon in Walmart? The reason is that the sound bleeds in to Walmart itself and they don’t want that. Speaking of sounds, how about listening to every Walmart announcement and every cash register, even the self serve ones, while you try to relax?

Did you ever hear the security system go off while at Walmart? You know, the thing that beeps and twangs when someone leaves the store with a forgotten security tag intact? If you like that, perhaps we can blow a hand held boat horn next time we do you nails… !

Nail Salons in Walmart are fine. They do get the job done. It’s just not the most relaxing or ideal place to enjoy a manicure or pedicure.

February 9, 2012

Some photos of the nail salon

Here are some more photos of our nail salon in American Fork, Utah.

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