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November 10, 2014

Nail art takes on new life in reality show Nail’d It

Nail art takes on new life in reality show Nail’d It

If you think your nail tech does beautiful design work you should encourage him/her to apply for the show “Nail’d It”.

The contestants on Oxygen’s Nail’d It are battling to win a top prize of more than US $100,000 

Artwork that’s just an arm’s length away at all times is “better than hanging a painting and getting to appreciate it for only a few minutes a day”, says the contestant Chris Mans, the owner of a salon in Orange County, California.

In one Nail’d It semi-final round, the artists are challenged to evoke their favourite city on a fingernail and, voila, Las Vegas emerges.

Nail art is becomming more and more popular. Our salon does a lot of it especially for holidays like Halloween and Christmas. 

Not everyone has the skill to do nail art however. It takes patience and a special artistic bent to transform the vision of the customer into something beautiful.

December 14, 2013

Ariana Grande’s Holiday Nails

Ariana Grande’s Holiday Nails

Ariana Grande's Holiday Nails

 When it comes to nails, Candy Cain is in. Look at what Ariana had done to her nails. 

Ariana Grande’s Candy Cane Manicure — Get Her Exact Look – Hollywood Life Thu, 12 Dec 2013 16:06:24 GMT

Ariana Grande’s Candy Cane Manicure Get Her Exact LookHollywood LifeAriana Grande’s Candy Cane Manicure Get Her Exact Look. Ari Instagrammed a pic of her nails on Dec. 10, writing: Jingle Moments by @stephstonenails. Celebrity manicurist Stepha …

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Of course you can always get your nails done in a similar fashion for the holidays. Nail art is something that can really give you nails a new look and provide much to talk about at holiday parties.

August 8, 2012

Utah Nail Salon

LA Nails 1 is a Utah Nail Salon. So what you may say. Does that make it any different from a California Salon or a Nevada Salon? Yes it does. Let me explain.

The tastes and values of the people in each State are slightly different. In California clients tend to like flashy more showy nails. In a Utah nail salon people tend to be more conservative in their tastes. We see more French Nails and solid color manicures than we see off the wall flashy colors and design.

Feather nails and pictures of family members on nails hardly ever are requested in Utah. Beads are rare too. The people of Utah tend to like simple and clean designs and colors for their nails. Reds and blues and whites are the most popular colors followed by yellows and greens.

Nail design is starting to get traction but the vast majority of Utah nail customers want solid colors. We’ve noticed that the younger a person is the bolder they want their nails. Older customers tend to want the tried and true and do not often vary their choice of color. Younger people like to try new things like magnetic nail polish and nail art.

A factor of course in the choice of colors and design for nails is your work. If you are a customer service person that must deal with the public your employer may not appreciate or even may have rules that prevent bold and flashy nails. Of course you could always sneak in a flashy design during Halloween or perhaps another holiday.

If you want to be different in Utah go for nail design, flashy colors, or magnetic polish. You’ll stand out from the crowd and everyone will notice your nails.

Utah Nail Salon

Utah Nail Salon

July 5, 2012

Nail Designs

Nail Art or Nail designs is simply putting a design on your nails usually on top of the polish color. At LA Nails 1 we do nail design art but not everyone knows about it.
Lately we’ve had some of our technicians do nail design on their own nails so you can see the result. For July 4th we had several designs that you could choose from including a flag and various red white and blue themes. The price is stunningly low, only about $3.00 for most designs.

There are various types of nail design. Some are stickers or decals that are applied to the nail. We do very little of that type of design. Ours are hand painted by the technician who has been trained in nail design art. The result is awesome.

When you have a birthday or special event consider adding nail designs to your nails when you get a manicure. For holidays nothing starts a conversation like themed nails.