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May 8, 2014

A Mammogram with A Manicure?

Hospital Offers Mammogram With A Manicure

http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com Fri, 21 Mar 2014 11:52:15 GMT

A local hospital is holding a walk-in session for women needing mammograms, and the event has a free twist.

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Getting a mammogram is not the highlight of the week for most women, but tomorrow, Mercy Philadelphia Hospital on South 54th Street in West Philadelphia is offering a walk-in mammogram clinic with an extra: free manicures.

Mammogram Manicure

November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is next

Whew.. Thanksgiving is over. Christmas is the next big holiday. We had such a rush at Thanksgiving that it’s only fair to mention that you should plan your manicures and pedicures ahead of time to avoid being disappointed.

This year for Thanksgiving we were closed on Thanksgiving day, Thursday, and the following Friday. The day before Thanksgiving was crazy. We had more people wanting manicures than we would handle. The entire staff went home exhausted. We had requests to do nails and pedicures on Thanksgiving day as well but since everyone was already committed to family and dinners had no staff willing to come in that day. The next day, Friday has always been dead so we stayed closed. Judging from the number of messages on the phone however it looks like a lot of people were trying to see if we were open. Apologies, we should have updated our recording to let you know.

Christmas is coming so we are going to try to get the word out earlier so that you can get your manicure or pedicure and look stunning this holiday season without the last minute crunch. We will be closed some of the holiday and will let you know what those hours will be.

August 8, 2012

Utah Nail Salon

LA Nails 1 is a Utah Nail Salon. So what you may say. Does that make it any different from a California Salon or a Nevada Salon? Yes it does. Let me explain.

The tastes and values of the people in each State are slightly different. In California clients tend to like flashy more showy nails. In a Utah nail salon people tend to be more conservative in their tastes. We see more French Nails and solid color manicures than we see off the wall flashy colors and design.

Feather nails and pictures of family members on nails hardly ever are requested in Utah. Beads are rare too. The people of Utah tend to like simple and clean designs and colors for their nails. Reds and blues and whites are the most popular colors followed by yellows and greens.

Nail design is starting to get traction but the vast majority of Utah nail customers want solid colors. We’ve noticed that the younger a person is the bolder they want their nails. Older customers tend to want the tried and true and do not often vary their choice of color. Younger people like to try new things like magnetic nail polish and nail art.

A factor of course in the choice of colors and design for nails is your work. If you are a customer service person that must deal with the public your employer may not appreciate or even may have rules that prevent bold and flashy nails. Of course you could always sneak in a flashy design during Halloween or perhaps another holiday.

If you want to be different in Utah go for nail design, flashy colors, or magnetic polish. You’ll stand out from the crowd and everyone will notice your nails.

Utah Nail Salon

Utah Nail Salon