Rainbow manicure

Rainbow French Manicure

A simple french manicure has taken a colorful turn. The latest trend now is a rainbow french manicure. That is, a french manicure with different colors on each nail forming what is like a rainbow of colors on each hand. The color striping is on the tip of the nail and replaces the traditional white […]

The Ugly Manicure

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Thank goodness not everyone likes the same style or the same color. It would be a very bland world indeed. There are however some manicures that make you pause and wonder why anyone thought that was a good idea. The color is wild, the nails […]

How to Ace a Manicure at Home

How to Ace a Manicure at Home Tom Bachik knows nails. He designs looks for Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham, he is L’Oreal Paris’s brand ambassador, and he has over 54,000 Instagram followers. People look to him as a manicure mensa. Working with Tom over the years, I’ve gotten to know his fun personality and learned so many great […]

Make a Manicure Last Longer

Thu, 08 May 2014 20:00:21 GMT Gel nails are the latest in manicure trends because they last an impressive two or even three weeks. That said, they’re not for everyone. If you prefer a “classic” manicure, try these tips from Deborah Lippmann, creator of the Deborah Lippmann nail-care line. (Hint: Patience is your friend.) • […]

Ariana Grande’s Holiday Nails

Ariana Grande’s Holiday Nails  When it comes to nails, Candy Cain is in. Look at what Ariana had done to her nails.  Ariana Grande’s Candy Cane Manicure — Get Her Exact Look – Hollywood Life http://news.google.com Thu, 12 Dec 2013 16:06:24 GMT Ariana Grande’s Candy Cane Manicure Get Her Exact LookHollywood LifeAriana Grande’s Candy Cane […]

Bowknot Manicure

Bowknot Manicure blingfinger: Bowknot Manicure http://blingfinger.blogspot.com Sun, 08 Dec 2013 10:04:00 GMT This post is for Nail Art Sunday and the theme is vintage. I was thinking 50’s fashion when I did this bowknot manicure. I started by painting the nails in OPI Bubble Bath, a sheer pink which is a good base color for […]

Nail Salon in Walmart

Have you ever been to a nail salon in Walmart? There is nothing wrong with them per-se. Here in Utah, American Fork, Lehi, Orem, Draper, etc. you’ll find nail salons in most Walmarts. We thought about operating from a Walmart location as well. Walmart locations do have some problems to overcome. First, the nature of […]