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July 23, 2014

LA Nails 1 American Fork, Utah Closed for Pioneer Day July 24th 2014

Jul. 22, 2014 – AMERICAN FORK, Utah — LA Nails 1 will be closed July 24th, 2014 in observation of Pioneer Day and will reopen Friday July 25th for normal business.

Pioneer Day is a holiday unique to Utah. It celebrates the trek and entrance into the Salt Lake Valley by the Mormon leader Brigham Young on July 24, 1847. Salt Lake City itself celebrates with the Days of 47 Parade and other festivities.

The holiday has been celebrated since 1857 back when Utah was a territory. It is a long stand tradition in Utah puncuated by BBQ’s and fireworks.

La Nails 1 has been in American Fork since 1995 and under the current ownership since 2011.

Customers routinely order nail art to match holidays such July 4th with red white and blue flags, and Christmas with snow men, santa, and red and green themes. For Pioneer Day some clients come prepared with photos of their desired nail art which could include covered wagons, LDS symbols, and the Salt Lake Temple.

Not all businesses in Utah are closed during Pioneer Day. It’s not as big as the major National holidays so not everyone has the day off in which to relax and celebrate.

LA Nails is located at : 169 E 30 N, American Fork, UT 84003 and can be contacted at 801 756-1980

LA Nails 1


May 8, 2014

American Fork is the Most Affordable place in Utah!

That’s according to a survey just released by a Calif.-based Real Estate firm, which studied food, utilities, median home price, unemployment rates, adjusted median income and miscellaneous costs throughout Utah.

The results are in, and Movoto, a Real Estate company, says in the Beehive State, you’ll get the most bang for your buck in American Fork — and the city is proud.

The Home of the Cavemen ranked first among 53 communities in Utah with more than 10,000 residents, and 13 of the top 20 spots are in Utah County. The Citizenreported earlier this week that the unemployment rate in the county continues to be lower than Utah’s and way below the nation’s average.  

Payson and Eagle Mountain tied for second place. Spanish Fork, Springville, Lehi, Cedar Hills, Pleasant Grove, Saratoga Springs and Clinton followed. Highland, Lindon, Orem and Provo were also included in the second 10 of the rankings. Salt Lake City ranked No. 39.

American Fork Mayor J.H. Hadfield said there were many factors that went into the city’s top billing.

“I think it’s wonderful that somebody else recognizes what we try to do in the city,” Hadfield said. “There are many good things. The commercial base is exceptional. We no longer have to travel to do shopping. The cost of homes, cost of living, the cost of utilities make this a very nice community.

“What’s also important is the quality of life, library, recreation center, recreation programs, the arts. There are not many cities our size that have a symphony or a choral group. We even have a brass band.”

If you live in American Fork, you live in the most affordable place in Utah – Daily Herald Fri, 02 May 2014 23:16:59 GMT

August 24, 2012

Nail Salon Dangers – Manicure and Pedicure Fungus

A nail fungus is a sometimes painful disease that affects the finger or toe nails. It often shows up as a yellow discoloration of the nail that is thicker than normal. Some might think that it’s just a beauty issue, but it’s more dangerous than that. Ask Paula Adul, the entertainer and American Idol judge, who lobbied to get stricter regulations on nail salons after a 2004 incident that left her in severe pain and a battle with nail fungus that lasted a year.

Are you protected? Your nail salon is supposed to sanitize instruments and use sanitary methods so that you do not get infected from another customer. Unfortunately not all nail salons follow safe practices despite the law. Often they get lazy or simply do not wish to purchase the proper sanitizers that are required. This can lead to a very bad infection or a nail fungus that will cost you .

LA Nails 1 in American Fork, Utah uses safe sanitary methods. We use barbicide to disinfect the pedicure stations and instruments despite its cost. We have a heat sanitizer that also is used to disinfect tools and towels. When a customer comes in that has an obvious nail fungus we won’t’ service them until they get that fungus treated and cured. Sure this is lost revenue to us but we look at the big picture and want to protect our clients.

Clients with a fungus have been turned away in the past not only to protect our other clients, but also so that they have a better chance to heal. Putting polish on top of a nail fungus does not allow that fungus to be treated and heal.

How can you protect yourself?

First if you do have a nail fungus, avoid the salon and avoid polishing your nails. See a dermatologist as soon as you can and get treated.

Second, ask your nail salon about their sanitary practices. Ask if they use barbicide and have a heat sanitizer. Ask them what they do if someone comes in with a nail fungus. The proper answer is to turn down service to that customer.

Not all nail salons are equal. It is better to pay a bit more at a salon that uses the proper sanitary supplies and practices than to go to a cheapo salon that doesn’t.