Reviews – American Fork Nail Salon


Just a few of the many testimonials we get at our nail beauty salon.

I called and maid an appointment. Because I did that my wait time was extremely short. The gentleman ( sorry that I didn't get his name) that did my nails was honest if he thought the picture of the nails was to hard he said so. We agreed on one of the pictures and changed it around some, he began. He was concerned about the drill was getting hot on my fingers so he made sure to not let that didn't happen. It seemed like all the other technicianside were doing great what they could to make sure that I was a happy customer. I will say that I am a happy customer and I'll be back. Thank you all.

Crystal Griffith

I love this place! I've been here a few times and the last time I was there I got gel nails done and I was going on a month vacation, they lasted the whole time! No chipping or anything! I also do hair, so I always need nails that won't chip and are durable for my everyday career. And so far I've never had a problem! So, that being said, they do a great job! Their prices are fair and their staff is awesome also.

Kennedy Fisher

Went with my hubby today, his first time getting a peddi. They were very friendly, clean, and the place is cute. I will return many more times I'm sure. I also recommend them!

HayliBeth Jones

Every one is super nice and they have great service. Angie is amazing I love her.

KyLee Tooley

Amazing experience 🙂 Went to the salon because of the ratings I saw here and it's true ! The workers are kind, take their time with the customers, and do a great job. Highly recommend it!

Betzi Hernandez

I got a fungus at another salon in the area and had to go a year without a pedicure. When it was time to finally get one, a friend recommended LANails. I was scared, but they were great. That was 2 years ago and I now go there exclusively. I won't take my chances anywhere else.

Sheri Rose

I have always had issues with the people who do my acrylic nails at other salons so I had my doubts. Hugh did an AMAZING job! he was friendly and did exactly what I asked for! He is the first person to acknowledge my hangnails (they are a problem for me) and he gave me advice on how to get rid of them. He is also the first person to skip most of the filing and drill things because of my hangnails. I've had so many people put me in serious pain because their electric file/buffer thing and they push it on my cuticles and broken skin. Hugh did not and he was so aware of my comfort level. He was fantastic and I think he may be the 1st person I actually WANT to go back to. He was so fantastic!

McKenna Trinnaman