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Cheap Manicures and Pedicures

I’ve previously written about low cost pedicures and manicures and the reasons you should question them. In short when prices are lowered to an unreasonable level salons tend to cheat and reuse items that should be thrown away. Sanitary conditions slip when profit disappears. Now there is another reason to watch our for “too good […]

Lehi Woman Gets ring back after being flushed

Lehi city crews recovered resident’s wedding ring from the sewer after her child flushed it down the toilet. The city actually found the ring in the sewage system for her. Story here: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865583008/Lehi-city-crews-recover-residents-wedding-ring-from-sewer.html That just shows what kind of city Lehi is. She went to them and asked for help. They found it for her […]

Lehi Utah

The town of Lehi is in our customer area and we have many clients that are from Lehi. Incorporated in 1852 Lehi was formed well before the Civil War. Originally known as Dry Creek it was first settled by Mormon pioneers in 1850. Water was a problem so part of the American Fork creek was […]