Thanksgiving week – schedule

It’s Thanksgiving week and it seems everyone is trying to get their nails done before the holiday. Yesterday was a crazy day for us. We barely had a break to get a bite to eat. Those that didn’t have reservations had to be turned away. We would love to take care of everyone, but it’s […]

Utah Nail Salon

LA Nails 1 is a Utah Nail Salon. So what you may say. Does that make it any different from a California Salon or a Nevada Salon? Yes it does. Let me explain. The tastes and values of the people in each State are slightly different. In California clients tend to like flashy more showy […]

Beyoncé’s Wild Manciure

How’s this for a manicure. Beyoncé recently had a manicure done by nail artist Lisa Logan that features mini photo images of herself and her husband Jay-Z’. The small images are surrounded by gold beads and show a happy couple. Source: Source: Source:

Nail Salon Prices

Nail Salon prices can vary widely depending on your location and venue. A salon at a major resort such as Walt Disney World can command a much higher price than the nail salon in a small town. A manicure on a cruise ship will certainly be much pricier than a manicure elsewhere. Each location has […]

What is a French Manicure?

Women regularly indulge themselves in this classic beauty routine known as a French Manicure, whether they go out to a salon or do it themselves at home. It is the most well-known form of manicure in the United State being the most “natural” look for fingernails. A French Manicure is very universal in that the […]