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Miley Cyrus gets a Pedicure for her Pet Pig

Miley Cyrus gets a Pedicure for her Pet Pig

Miley’s pet pig Bubba Sue is one pampered hog. On November 5th Miley shared photos of her pet getting a pedicure. 

The pot bellied client enjoyed a spa treatment featuring fire-engine-red polish while Miley held piggy in place.

Cute as that may sound fans had a different reaction. Many worried about potential harm to the pig from the pollish. Others just thought it was strange behavior.

Will the polish hurt the pig? Doubtful. No more than it hurts humans. The pig probably will not have as many manicures in it’s lifetime as a typical human female will have in a year.

Unfortunately LA Nails 1 does not offer manicures for pets. We would not even know what to charge. ( Probably more )  

Of course if Miley shows up with her pig we may have to consider doing it since she would bring lots of attention to the salon. How do you get a pig to wait under the UV lamps until the polish dries?