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Dangers of Bad Nail Salon Manicures – American Fork Nail Salon
August 20, 2014

Dangers of Bad Nail Salon Manicures

Dangers of Bad Nail Salon Manicures

Getting a manicure might seem like perfect excuse to just sit back and relax, but it turns out there are some pretty ugly dangers lurking inside the salon. Sephora nail and gel expert Terri Silacci tells you what to watch out for.

Cutting cuticles can cause permanent damage
Ever notice that some people have wavy nail beds? This permanent condition can sometimes be caused by over-clipping cuticles. “The first rule of cuticle trimming: Do not let the tech cut living tissue,” says Silacci. “An educated tech will gently push back the cuticle and then conservatively trim the dead tissue that is hanging. Everything else stays to protect the nail bed.”

UV sanitizers aren’t enough
Nail fungus, nasty viruses, staph…who knows what infections the person ahead of you at the nail station had? Well, actually, you will if your manicurist isn’t sufficiently sanitary. “Look at the tools and see if they are the same ones used on the last client. Toe separators, most files and buffers are meant to be disposable and are not easy to sanitize,” says Silacci. And be warned: a quick sit under the light sanitizer isn’t enough to clean them. “These lights are effective [only] when coupled with proper cleaning of dirt and debris, as well as an approved disinfectant,” she adds.

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At LA Nails 1 we use the very best ( expensive ) polishes. We use Barbicide and have sanitizers for all our equipment. We have licensed and trained techs that use the best techniques. We sanitize our pedicure bowls after each use. Techs are instructed to never work on those with sore or infections. We’ve actually turned away business because of fugus or if the fugus is localized, have refused to work on that nail. 

Even with all that caution on our part, it’s best to do your part for your own health. Tell the tech if you think he/she is going too deep or cutting too much. Refrain from using the UV dryers if you have been getting manicure or pedicures very often. Only you know how many times you’ve been under the UV lights recently. UV does dry nails, but it’s not that good for unprotected skin. 

If you have a nail condition or fugus, avoid getting your nails done and seek medical help. 

If you prefer your own nail kit, ask us. We can box up a nail kit for a reasonable price and all the equipment needed to do your nails are yours alone. They are not shared by anyone and are santized after each use and stored for your next visit.

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