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Lehi Utah

The town of Lehi is in our customer area and we have many clients that are from Lehi. Incorporated in 1852 Lehi was formed well before the Civil War. Originally known as Dry Creek it was first settled by Mormon pioneers in 1850. Water was a problem so part of the American Fork creek was diverted to provide water.

Lehi has around 50,000 residents now and is growing. The city has many retail shops and businesses.

One of the more interesting businesses in Lehi is the Lehi Roller Mills. It produces local grains and breads but is most famous for being in the movie “Footloose” . It doesn’t seem all that long ago, but FootLoose was filmed in 1984.

Another business of note in Lehi is Thanksgiving Point. Founded by Alan Ashton of WordPerfect fame. The place is a farm like no other. It has movie theaters, shops, petting zoos, and hosts many conventions and shows constantly. Thanksgiving Point is so popular that it receives almost 2 million visitors a year. I believe that if Thanksgiving Point was not built that the land would now contain rows and rows of homes instead of the wonderful views we see now.

My favorite part of Thanksgiving Point in Lehi is the Museum of Ancient Life. It’s a world class museum of dinosaur’s and must be seen to be believed. Here you can virtually go back in time to see what earth was like 65 million years ago. It’s well worth a visit.

Lehi is a growing city and it will only get bigger and more exciting. We are proud that many of it’s residents choose to visit our salon.