Nail Salon in Walmart – American Fork Nail Salon
July 6, 2013

Nail Salon in Walmart

Nail Salon in Walmart

Nail Salon in Walmart

Have you ever been to a nail salon in Walmart? There is nothing wrong with them per-se. Here in Utah, American Fork, Lehi, Orem, Draper, etc. you’ll find nail salons in most Walmarts. We thought about operating from a Walmart location as well.

Walmart locations do have some problems to overcome. First, the nature of Walmart and it’s perception of “discount” reflects on all the businesses that are inside. A nail salon in Walmart in my minds is seen as a cheaper version of a “real” nail salon. Not true, but that is the way people feel either consciously or subconsciously.

Another problem is that most nail salons in Walmart are of an open design. As you walk by you can clearly view everyone there getting a manicure or pedicure. Hundreds of people walk by as you are being worked on. Sometimes or most of the time you want privacy while getting a personal service. For those wearing a dress, having your feet up in a pedicure chair is sometimes revealing enough without having hundreds of people walking by that could steal a peek.

Notice rarely will you find a TV inside a Nail Salon in Walmart? The reason is that the sound bleeds in to Walmart itself and they don’t want that. Speaking of sounds, how about listening to every Walmart announcement and every cash register, even the self serve ones, while you try to relax?

Did you ever hear the security system go off while at Walmart? You know, the thing that beeps and twangs when someone leaves the store with a forgotten security tag intact? If you like that, perhaps we can blow a hand held boat horn next time we do you nails… !

Nail Salons in Walmart are fine. They do get the job done. It’s just not the most relaxing or ideal place to enjoy a manicure or pedicure.