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What is your Mood?

mood_Gel_polishWe now have Mood Gel Polish by Lechat at La Nails 1. What is Mood Gel Polish? It changes color based on the temperature.

Back in 1975 Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats came out with the Mood Ring. It took the world by storm. It was a ring you could wear on your finger just like any normal ring, but this ring changed color based on your body heat. Their genius was to link the changing of color with a person’s mood.

Now LeChat a top manufacturer of gel nail products has a nail polish that does something very similar. It changes colors with temperature.  The effect varies based on nail length, body temperature, and climate so you never quite know what color you are going to get. With 12 different base colors that change based on all the factors, the color spectrum is quite wide.

La Nails 1, 169 E 30 N., in American Fork is proud to carry the Lechat family of mood gel polish. Come in and we’ll show you the various colors and how they change. We have a sample nail wheel with different base colors of mood gel polish applied. We simply put this under cold or hot water and you can see the change instantly.