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November 28, 2012

Hidden Dangers of Nail Salons

This comes from an article in a Florida paper. The moral of the story is to make sure your salon uses safe practices and uses the proper chemicals to clean equipment. Some of those chemicals are expensive and that’s why a lot of fringe salons skip buying them. We make sure we clean and┬ásanitize everything. We use barbicide an approved sanitizer and while expensive, protects our clients.


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – A finger–amputated. Skin and tissue scraped down to the bone. Both are cases of mycobacterium infections. Both, came from nail salons right here in Florida.

“None of these infections needs to happen,” Nancy King said. King is national salon educator and serves as a witness expert about nail salon sanitation.

The Contact 5 Investigators went undercover and searched state inspection reports, tracking safety and sanitation problems inside nail salons for years. We’ve learned, Florida’s track-record isn’t good. And you’re about to find out, one of our state’s top executives-who once was working to expose the problem, suddenly isn’t talking about it.

“I was great one day, the next day I couldn’t walk,” Jennifer Witt said. She picked up a virulent infection in her left leg six years ago. “I woke up with cellulitis and I couldn’t bare any weight on my leg at all,” she said.

A doctor biopsied what Jennifer thought was an in-grown hair on her shin. “Immediately the first question she asked was: How often do you get pedicures? I thought to myself… What does that have to do with anything?”

Jennifer picked up a mycobacterium infection from a pedicure tub.

Click here to verify licensing information for a nail salon in Florida, including any complaints and citations.

“She called me immediately and said, choose your hospital, you are having surgery today,” Witt said.

All of Jennifer’s skin and muscle on her shin had to be cut out, but it didn’t end there. Skin had to be removed from under her arm and transferred to her wound.

“I was in my early 30s,” Jennifer said. “We all like to wear dresses and go to the beach. All that just stopped.”

Dr. Anthony Dardano was Jennifer’s surgeon. “I’m not saying all salons are dangerous,” he said. “Some do a very good job of making sure their instruments and their tubs are clean.”

But when they don’t, sometime the worst can happen.

“I was mortified — what do you mean I’m going to lose my finger,” Greenberg said. “I had a manicure, it’s infected, do something.”

After 11 surgeries, half of Greenberg’s finger had to be amputated.

“Salon services don’t need to be dangerous,” King said. “Florida needs some changes because there are a lot more infections here because of the weather than other states. It’s in the top five for pedicure infections.”

The contact 5 investigators also found, when it comes to nail tech training hours, Florida ranks near the bottom of the list. It ranks 45th out of the 50 states.

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