November 26, 2012

If you won the Powerball $425 million jackpot, how many Pedicures could you get?

The Powerball is a record $425 million right now and although you can’t buy a ticket in Utah, many drive to the Idaho border to get tickets so we know a lot of people in Utah have big dreams. If you did win, you would have around $278 million after what is taken out. Let’s say because of Federal, State, and Local taxes you only end up with $175 million. It’s a guess, the exact number depends on where you live, how many people buy tickets near the end, and other factors. But let us just day you only, yeah only, got $175 million.

Let’s also say that you spend $40 for a Pedicure at our salon. That’s higher than average, but perhaps you’ve added some extras. If so, you could do 4,375,000 Pedicures. If you did one a week, it would take you over 84,134 years to get them all in. 🙂  Spread the wealth around and you could provide a Pedicure for every man, woman, and child in the State of Utah and have $52,000,000 left over.

Naturally we expect you would book all those Pedicures in our salon.  If you did we would need 1,785 years to do them if we used all 6 pedicure chairs and had our staff work every work day.

Good luck, we hope you win the lottery!