Utah Nails – a summary

In Utah nails are well taken care of by the hundreds of nail technicians that live in the State. Utah just like every other State has licensing requirement for those that do manicures and pedicures.

To get a nail license a person must have 300 hours of education in nails and pass an exam by the Utah State Board of Cosmetology. Once the requirements have been met a license to act as a nail technician is granted. This license must be renewed each year and must be displayed somewhere in the nail salon at which the person works.

You might be amused to find that a lot of nail technicans are from Vietnam and speak Vietnamese. The nail exam however is all in English so they do understand English so don’t take for granted that you can talk about them or on the phone without them knowing what you are saying. Often they will converse in Vietnamese with each other while you are getting a pedicure or manicure. That can be frustrating because you have no idea if they are talking about you or about the latest soap opera.

In Utah nails are harder to take care of in winter because of cold weather, central heating and lack of exercise that often comes with cold weather. It is important to eat healthy, exercise, and have regular manicures if you want your finger nails to look their very best.

The dry air in the State also affects finger nails. At nearly a mile high we don’t have the moist air that a lot of eastern States enjoy. Dry air has benefits. Cold air doesn’t feel as cold and it doesn’t get muggy in the summer. That’s Utah! Nails suffer a bit from the dry air and it’s up to you to take care of them.

Finding a salon in Utah is a breeze. You’ll be amazed at the number of nail salons in any Utah town or city. It seems there is a big market for nail care in Utah.

These days it’s not just women. Many men enjoy the benefits of clean heathly nails and a soothing pedicure. What used to be taboo is now being accepted by men. Men that are professionals and office workers what to look their best too.

The state of Utah nails is fantastic. If you are visiting you’ll have no trouble finding someone to take care of your nails while here. Many resorts offer nail technician services as do many hotels in the major cities.

If you live in Utah you know that the local nail salon offers the best prices and personal service not found in tourist areas. The salon may not be fancy or as high brow as a resort salon, but they’ll often remember you and know what you like.