Nail Salon in Utah County

Utah County turns out to be a great place for a nail salon. La Nails 1 is happy to be here. The people of Utah County are some of the finest clients any nail salon could have. They love manicures and pedicures and we do many of them each day.

Prices tend to be lower for manicures and pedicures in Utah County than in other areas of the country. Go you go to Las Vegas for example and you’ll find that a manicure can cost as much as $55.00, more than double what we charge here. Those are admittedly tourist prices. Those visiting Utah County for nail services are often pleasantly surprised at the modest cost and superior service.
Just last week we had some tourists from Texas that came in. We did their nails and feet and they all left with smiles on their faces. I hope they will come back next time they are in town.

The nail salon business is a very competitive one even in Utah County. People do not realize how many nail salons exist until they start looking. There seems to be enough business for all the salons however. That’s a good sign in this economy.

Sometimes we are so busy we turn away walk-ins. We wish we could do everyone that asks but it’s just not physically possible. Utah County folks want to look good just as much as anyone in the country especially before an important holiday or event.

Utah County used to be a sleepy little area with not much going on. My how that’s changed. We see all the major retailers and restaurants in the area now. You can get almost anything you want without going to Salt Lake City. With I-15 being expanded and all the new housing being built, we will only see an increase in the need for nail salon services in Utah County in the future.