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Beauty: 5 cool nail polish colours for summer 2018!

Summer is the perfect season to indulge yourself with our nails! Thanks to tanned skin, brightest makeup and colourful clothes, we only want to surprise everybody with daring manicures! Summer 2018, as for nail trends, is giving us a lot of ideas: fluo and pop tones are the most fashionable ones! Discover five beautiful nail polish colours for summer 2018 together with The Blonde Salad!

Neon yellow nail polish


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The dopest nail polish of summer 2018 is yellow, for sure! Two of the most iconic top models of the moment, Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber, are loving this trend. Bella decided to match her mani to her amazing yellow total look at Dior Homme fashion show, while Cindy Crawford‘s daughter, instead, unveiled on Instagram a beautiful nail art: a tiny black line on a lemon yellow nail polish!

OMW!!!! @dior by @mrkimjones dripped by @yoon_ambush CANT WAIT!!!🚀🚀🚀🤩🤩🤩

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Blue sky nail polish

Blue shades are so fashionable this time of the year. These colours, actually, create a wonderful juxtaposition with tanned skin. Let’s say a big yes, then, to baby blue, turquoise and pastel blue! Glossy finishings are the best to add a posh touch to your manicure!

Neon orange nail polish


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We said before that summer 2018 is the season of neon nail polish colours! The pop shade that is trending right now is orange, a fave of two fashion icons like Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Through their Instagram posts, we understood that matte finishing is the most glamour, especially on fluo tones. Bold colours like these are not your cup of tea? You can always interpret the orange trend with pastel shades and dare with never-seen-before nail arts. Take a look at the one that Sama Khadra from Simi Haze is wearing!

The ruleZ r out the window

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Baby pink nail polish

Do you feel not so comfortable wearing daring nail polishes colours? You’re really lucky because this summer pink is one of the most fashionable nail colours. Are you more into blush tones or pop ones, like bubble gum pink? Our beauty tip is to choose glossy or shimmering finishings, that is perfect to enhance your tan!

Hot red nail polish 

Red nail polish means success, everytime we wear it on our nails! If you don’t want to dare too much with bold colours, you can always rely on red nail lacquer, that is perfect to add some elegance to your mani! Red nail polish shades that are trending? Of course the warmest tones, closer to orange, but also coldest one, like magenta. Don’t be afraid to find the best glossy and shimmering finishing: we don’t want to turn down the spotlight on our nails with a matte colour!

clearly a candid picture 🤟🏼

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Which is your fave nail polish colour for summer 2018? Go to The Blonde Salad Instagram account and answer the question in the comments!