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Best Designs for Halloween Manicure

Stitched Tips

Whether you’ve chosen a spooky costume like the bride of Frankenstein or a cute scarecrow option, this stitched nail is perfect (and perfectly easy!) for the occasion. Just grab a bottle of black polish and a thin striper brush, and get stitchin’.

Asymmetrical Points

Something about this unexpected nail shape screams horror film. When shaping your nails, trim them at an angle to replicate this super edgy look.

Red Drips and Black Tips

These matte black stiletto nails say “sexy” while the red drips are bloody amazing. Start by shaping your nails to a point, before painting the entire nail with a matte black polish. Finish with a glittery red polish at the base of the nail to make the drips.

Moon Phases

Technically, a full moon is when spooky things happen, but this nail art represents different phases of the moon that’s still super cool and perfect for Oct 31.

Witches and Bats

At first glance you might miss it, but look closely and you’ll see a witch on a broomstick, a couple flying bats, and a little pumpkin hiding in this nail art look. To get this effect, use a dark gray for your base and a true deep black to paint your designs and your French tips.

Black Cat Eyes

Halloween and black cats go hand in hand. Start with a base of black, then use a chartreuse and yellow polishes to create the piercing green eyes.

Covered in Cobwebs

This one might take a little patience to recreate, but it’s totally worth it. Start with a glittery black base, and use the tiniest striper brushes to make a pie shape. Then, connect your “pie” lines with tiny curved horizontal lines to finish the web.

Pointy Nails and Fierce Fangs

Going as Countess Dracula? You need this bloody-good nail art. Start with a white base and dab red polish on top to create a blood-stained effect. Then, use a striper brush and red, black, and white polish to paint your tiny toothy designs.

Sexy Cat Claws

Sure, you could go as a basic cat this Halloween. Or you could go all out with a leopard print mani. Start with a tan base, then use a light brown shade to paint imperfect spots. Use a black polish to outline and define the spots to complete the design.

Moon and Stars

Similar to the moon phase look from above, this mani features not only moons but also the twinkling stars of an October night’s sky. Start with a matte black base, then use white polish and dotter tool to make the stars.

Red Dipped Tips

This is Halloween’s take on ombré nails. Start at the base of your nails with black polish and stop halfway up your nail. Then, top the tips of your nails with red polish and paint down toward the black. Use a small sponge to blend the shades together, and then finish with a top coat to smooth the texture.

Abstract Designs

Yes, negative space looks can work for Halloween — they’re especially perfect for the person who wants to take part in the festivities without going full-on cobwebs, bats, and blood. To create this look, use a striper brush and your imagination to create random lines and shapes with your red polish of choice.

Slightly Red Cuticles

This bloody cuticle look is so cringeworthy yet so good. Start by painting along the perimeter of your nail beds, and use a dry striper brush to smudge it out. Add a spider or too with black polish if you want.

Galaxy Nails

Going as an alien? This intergalactic mani is the perfect final touch. Start with a black base and use white, purple, pink, and blue swirls to create a galaxy effect.

Super-Sharp Stilettos

The key to this dangerous look is to shape your nails so sharp that they could double as daggers (just watch you don’t poke someone accidentally!). To achieve, swipe on a coat or two of red polish to complete your sexy and spooky look.

Slytherin Snake

Use chrome nail polish to create this super-cool snake effect. Start with a base of black polish, and paint the snake’s body so it wraps around each nail. Top it off with tiny red rhinestones for eyes and red polish for the tongue.


Nothing is creepier than this person’s thumb nail. If you can handle going to bed every night with the very image of Pennywise on your hand, try out this mani inspired by Stephen King’s classic spooky novel.

Skull and Bones

This tiny skull takes some serious skill to achieve, but so worth it to have your nail artist or super-talented friend to do for you.

Bloody Eyeballs

I don’t know about you, but nothing gives me the creeps more than bloody eyeballs. Start with a white circle at the base of the nails and begin painting the iris, pupil, and veins. Then, use a striper brush and red paint to make the drips.