Time to prep your fingers and toes for National Nail Polish Day!

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare your fingers and toes. The glorious day of June 1 is National Nail Polish Day! The Clog is here to bombard your brain with exciting bits of info in honor of the paint we put on our nails (and no, that’s not just the fumes talking).

Nail polish has been around for over 5,000 years and has since established itself as a staple fashion item. The early nail polish colors ranged from nude and light colors to red, in order of extravagance — that’s why red nails are still regarded as queenly. Nail polish was actually marketed as a way for fashion-forward ladies to match the glittering veneer of their brand-spankin’-new Ford Model T cars.

“Yes, Nancy, I do love it when my daffodil yellow nails match my town car.”

In 1932, Revlon became one of the OG nail polish brands. Now, we have alot more. There’s celebrity-endorsed nail polish (think OPI and its many collections), the ever-so-expensive-but-so-damn-good Essie brand, my go-to-because-I’m-cheap brand Wet n Wild (found at your local CVS), the-tried and-true Sally Hansen and tons of other formulas as well! My current infatuation is with a British hand-mixed polish called Wikkid Polish, which can satisfy all your shiny, sparkly, glittery and holographic-y nail dreams. And if you ever want to treat yourself, a $50 bottle of Christian Louboutin polish is always available for purchase when you want to match those red bottoms.

These days, gel and acrylic nails have become increasingly popular — just check out some of the application videos on Instagram if you don’t believe me (they’reMESMERIZING). I, however, am still strongly in opposition, as both of these can end up stripping your nails if not removed properly. PSA: Please. Don’t. Peel. Your. Gel. Or. Acrylic. Nails. Going au natural is the best, folks, we don’t need more flakiness or fakeness in our lives.

If you’re like me, you like to paint two to three coats of polish … and then two to three more. You also like to paint your nails late at night because you’re a procrastinating perfectionist, to the point where your bed is just waiting to imprint itself on your perfectly smooth nails. For us problematic individuals, a quick drying solution is to dip your nails in ice water and gently tap your nails together every now and then to see if they stick (if they do, put them back in and if they don’t, you’re golden!). If you do happen to mess them up while they’re still slightly wet, some saliva and smoothing with your finger does the trick!

Whether you’re a die-hard polish fan or just a curious wanderer in the realm of nails and color, nail polish can make your life that much better. There’s no other feeling comparable to rocking beautifully painted long nails for those who can handle it. At least polishes don’t have formaldehyde anymore — for the most part anyway.

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