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Orly Launched A Nail Polish Collection For Muslim Women

The movement towards a more inclusive and diverse beauty industry is not stopping. More and more brands are catering to a wider range of cultures and ethnicities, and renowned brand Orly is taking the lead. The beauty company joined forces with Muslim Girl to launch one of the first Muslim-friendly line of polish.

The brand new #HalalPaints is a limited-edition capsule collection that comes in six new shades created by Muslim Girl that fall into Orly’s Breathable varnish line, that includes nudes and berries to metallics, along with a clear top coat.

These nail polishes are all made from 100 percent halal ingredients, which mean that’s permissible under Islam, and they’re also permeable to water, making them prayer-appropriate, since it allows moisture to pass through the polish. According to NYLON, these formulas are made with nourishing ingredients such as argan oil, vitamin B5, and vitamin C.

For MuslimGirl.com chief of staff Azmia Magane, “this line is important because there are so many girls and young women who aren’t represented in mainstream beauty. They either don’t fit that definition or see things about them that are designed without them, instead of for them and by them. This is our way of bridging the gap.”

Another special feature from this collab is that Muslim Girl worked with Orly in order to give a cute and muslim-centric name to each shade, from “Haram-Bae” and “Wallah Bro Wipe Out”  to popular female Muslim names like “What The Fatima?” and “The Perfect Amani-cure.” “Many of us are the girls who could never find our names on a keychain, so we wanted to make sure we provided that experience through this collection,” said MuslimGirl.com founder Amani Al-Khatahtbeh.

“Not only is #HalalPaint legit halal-certified but it’s an answer to a beauty practice that some Muslims have otherwise found to be difficult coupled with their religious practice. The beauty industry is responding to this, responding to us, and making way for us. It’s an important moment to be a part of,” said Al-Khatahtbeh.

You can purchase a six-piece set for $49 at HalalPaint.com.


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