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Teen Guy Lets His Little Sister Give Him A Manicure

sugar texas

This is Sugar Siah. He’s an 18-year-old living in Texas with his family.

He loves supporting his younger sister.

sugar camera

When he found out his sister, London, wanted to be a nail technician, he knew he wanted to support her.

Instead of just telling her he believed in her, he decided to show her how supportive he was.

sugar nails

Sugar let London practice her nail skills on him.

She gave him a bright red manicure with fake nails.

red manicure

And honestly, the results were incredible.

Sugar snapped a few selfies with his new manicure, and people everywhere were impressed with his sister’s skills.

red nails

In his post on Twitter, Sugar wrote that he actually really liked the bright red nails.

And there’s no denying that Sugar looks fierce with his manicure.

sugar pickles

Within just a few days of posting the photos, Sugar’s post had gotten a ton of attention.

Now, the post has over 147,000 retweets and over 318,000 likes.

sugar selfie

The post also had a lot of comments — most of them were praising Sugar for his incredible relationship with his little sister.

One person wrote, “She does good work. You’re awesome to support her.”

nail polish

One woman was so impressed with London’s work that she wrote, “Ok but ask her how much she charge bc I’m tryin to look fly too.”

Another woman asked for London’s number, writing, “I need some new claws like that.”

nice brother

Most people were just impressed by how great a brother Sugar is.

“Damn what a man,” wrote one woman.

yellow nails

What do you think of Sugar’s nails?

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