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KL Polish Black and White Nail Polish Review

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Claims: Crisp White Polish | Classic Black Polish | 12-Free | Cruelty Free | Vegan

Size: 0.41 oz. or 12 mL

Price: $9.50 each

Purchase:Paper Snow and / or Tuxedo Mask

Last year KL Polish released their KL Polish Black and White Nail Polish into their collection. These two polishes were, and still are, sold separately and are not part of any collection. To see what I thought of these two polishes check out the video below or just keep scrolling!

If you can’t see the above video, click here.

KL Polish Paper Snow

KL Polish Paper Snow is the white polish in this KL Polish Black and White Nail Polish review. Paper Snow is a crisp, all white nail polish in a creme formula. Paper Snow is almost opaque in one coat, however, a second coat is needed for full opaqueness and to remove some streakiness.

KL Polish Tuxedo Mask

KL Polish Tuxedo Mask is the black polish in this KL Polish Black and White Nail Polish review. Tuxedo Mask is a classic black nail polish in a creme formula. Tuxedo Mask is a bit streaky and patch with one coat but that gets evened out and it turns out absolutely gorgeous with the second coat. I did have to take the photo of Tuxedo Mask with the Paper Snow bottle because the nails blended in with the bottle of Tuxedo Mask!

KL Polish Black and White Nail Polish Review

When you were younger did you ever paint your nails with White Out when you were bored or in class? I did and because of that I think KL Polish should have named “Paper Snow” “White Out” instead. Anywho, when I heard that KL Polish was finally adding a basic white and black polish to their catalog I was excited. I knew that a basic white and black where needed in nail art and stamping and the ones that I had tried I just hadn’t liked. Since I had liked every other KL Polish that I’d tried up to that point, Paper Snow and Tuxedo Mask were released before the Winter Glamourland I just reviewed, I thought getting these to try would solve my problems. It did! Both of these polishes are great, both by themselves and when used in nail art like the one above. Speaking of the nail art above, first off don’t judge my seriously horrible nail art skills, this was actually the nail art I did at the beginning of May for when I graduated with my Associate’s Degree in Computer Programming.

Final Thoughts on KL Polish Black and White Nail Polish

If you’re looking for a basic black or white nail polish then I highly suggest giving the KL Polish Black and White Nail Polish a try, especially if you’ve already tried the brand liked it. However, in the guise of full transparency and because I like for my reviews to be 100% honest I would like to bring up one thing that does bug me about KL Polish and you will see this complaint again in a few weeks when I review the Ethereal Garden collection…their shipping is atrocious. If you purchase the polishes together or individually you will pay $5.95 shipping, which while slightly annoying I can live with. The thing that gets me is that they wrap them in tissue paper, yes you read that right TISSUE paper with NO bubble wrap and they then put it in a slightly padded envelope. While I understand KL Polish is a newer and independent brand this is unacceptable to me especially when you factor in that they raised the prices of the polishes (and the shipping because it use to be below $5) so there is no reason why they don’t package their products better for shipping. Please factor that in when deciding to purchase. All of my polishes have arrived unbroken but they did ship the 70’s Vibes and the Ethereal Garden Collections in the same envelope and both of them arrived with damaged boxes.

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