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Nail Designs

Nail Art or Nail designs is simply putting a design on your nails usually on top of the polish color. At LA Nails 1 we do nail design art but not everyone knows about it.
Lately we’ve had some of our technicians do nail design on their own nails so you can see the result. For July 4th we had several designs that you could choose from including a flag and various red white and blue themes. The price is stunningly low, only about $3.00 for most designs.

There are various types of nail design. Some are stickers or decals that are applied to the nail. We do very little of that type of design. Ours are hand painted by the technician who has been trained in nail design art. The result is awesome.

When you have a birthday or special event consider adding nail designs to your nails when you get a manicure. For holidays nothing starts a conversation like themed nails.