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Woman Was Under A Risk Of Leg Amputation After A Pedicure Session

When this woman went to have a pedicure, she clearly didn’t think about an infection and possible downsides of having such a beauty procedure. Meanwhile, here is some info about pedicure and what to expect of it.

What’s a pedicure?

Basically, it’s the same as manicure but just for your feet. In fact, it’s a cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails. It’s highly popular all over the world and is used to get rid of dead skin cells off the bottom of the feet. Also, the feet get exfoliation, moisturizing, and massage.

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Pedicure that almost led to leg amputation

This woman wanted just the same when she went to her local pedicure professional with her daughter. Everything Jennifer White wanted is to spend a great day, and in return, she’s got an infection and several days in the hospital.  

The salon in Noblesville says it’s not their fault. Still, according to the woman and her interview on RTV6, the doctor says that the scrapings on her foot probably caused a small incision, which allowed an infection to enter her foot.

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The spa says they didn’t use any prohibited devices. Still, they are open for discussion and might even pay for their client’s medical bill.  


The woman is getting better now and lets everyone know how she feels on Facebook. She’s grateful to people who are sending her presents and wishes everyone to be careful.

Meanwhile, dermatologists say it’s easy to get infected during pedicure, and it might lead to really unpleasant results starting from a nail fungus to amputation.

So, to avoid that, people need to make sure the instruments and the place gets disinfected. What’s more, it’s a good idea to have individual instruments for every client.