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How do I get my nail polish to last longer?

How do I get my nail polish to last longer?

Every time I paint my nails with normal polish, it chips in a day or two. Is there a secret to getting regular polish to last longer?
I have a wedding to go to this weekend and have thought to just not wear any because I don’t want it to look bad if it chips
How do I get my nail polish to last longer?

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  • When paint chips it’s do to bad pre work on the surface you have painted so it can’t get something to hold on to on a microscopic level, it can be the surface in it self that are to smooth or something covering it, most common is oil or fats. since the body naturally produces oily and fat fluids to protect external body parts to last longer it’s most likely you have oily film left on those parts of the nails that chips the nail paint.

  • Yes, first start by roughing up the surface of the nail with an emory board. The fine grooves will let the polish adhere better to the nail. Second, apply color. Wait until dry. Third apply top coat. Also wait until dry. Fourth… Don’t do shit! Doing anything with your hands will put the nail polish at risk! Don’t type, do dishes, dig in garden, drive, eat fried chicken, nope nothing. After wedding resume life as normal.

    • Is that why they do that in the nail salons? Or are they just stupid? I have seen the techs do it… Granted they only speak Cantonese so pretty sure they didn’t go to a beauty academy.

  • Cearcoat maybe, i dont know nail polish but car paint lasts longer if there is a clearcoat over the paint

  • a spot of clear gloss honest you can get a small bottle from an art supply shop or diy store

  • There is some kind of coating 🤔

  • Base coat and top coat.

  • You should try metal surfacer. 😂😂

  • Don’t buy cheap nail varnish

    • If you use paint on soft surfaces the paint needs to have a softening additive to make it flexible to prevent cracking when the surface flexes 😉

  • Do you use top coat? That makes them last longer

  • It’s helped if you paint your nails on a surface they isn’t really smooth. So clean your nail beds good and use the fine grit emery board (ones they have that 7 sides). Put a base coat of clear or use the actual polish on your nails. Then use a top coat clear and quick dry drops will help.


    (but I think gel is actually pretty good too)

    • I like the gels but they damage my nails.

      So far everyone has said top coat, but that usually makes my nail polish peel.

  • lightly buff your nails with a fine grit nail file, apply a good base coat, and a good top coat. apply the top coat on the edge of the nails and a tiny bit over the edge under the nail which prevents the color chipping

  • I paint my nails all the time so I know your struggle! The best top coat I’ve tried is essies and sinful colours, they’re so good my nails hardly chip until maybe day 4. I be careful when I have a bath/shower as this also makes my nails chip. Also use a base coat they always help my nails from not chipping and prevent staining. If you’re going to a wedding have you considered gel polish? I have a gel manicure once and it was such a struggle to get off and it didn’t chip once it was a great alternative but I wouldn’t do it again as it dries out the nails. Essie and Sally Hansen have a gel polish which works quite well and isn’t as intense as getting a gel manicure in a salon. Hope this helps!

    • Thank you. I have done gels before but I don’t like the damage it does to my nails. I appreciate the other tips.

  • Use a special polish that’s specifically designed to create just an extra protective coat for your nails. You can easily find one anywhere you can buy nail polish, I’m certain.

  • A good base coat and top coat helps. I also find that gel polishes (the miracle ones without the need of UV lights) last much longer.

  • Well I always put a clear polish on top. But really the only way to get it to last longer would be to go with a gel polish

  • Use a base and top coat.
    Side note: Really impressed with the number of guys who know about this stuff 😂

  • Paint two coats of color and a top coat. Do not forget to paint the edge of your nail because that will keep it from chipping as fast.

  • It’s amazing how men know so much about this stuff, and I think you should use a transparent coat over it… It works like magic for me

  • Use base coat & top coat. Try not to apply the layers too thick.

  • Use a base coat and a top coat. Like a proper one hahah

  • Use sally hanson gel polish
    I love it and it last at least a month sometimes longer

  • Maybe search for better ones?
    Put few layers on too

    • Oh also put clear nail polish on top!!

  • Try nail dip! I’ve been wearing the same color without it coming off for 2/3 weeks now! The color won’t stain as well if you get lighter colors

  • You have to apply a base and top coat or else it will chip.

  • When doing the nails finish by passing a cotton with nail polish on the tips

  • Dont paint your nails go natutal

  • Put a clear coat on them

  • The secret is all in your topcoat. I reccomend Orly Epix flexible sealcoat. It’s a special topcoat that allows smudges to self heal before your polish is cured.
    But if you really want to ensure they last, use a gel polish instead of regular polish. To remove gel you gotta have patience. Soak it off, never file!! It weakens the natural nail strength.
    For any polish to stay, use a base coat, 2 coats of the colour polish of your choice, and always seal with a glossy topcoat. Be sure to coat your free edge, this will eliminate “shrinkage” while curing.

  • I usually put one layer, wait for it to dry, then another, repeat, until I have a few layers. Not the best for your nails, but I rarely paint them anyways. Best way to keep them nice : wear gloves, jk. We use our hands for almost everything, so it would be almost impossible to make it last for a long time and still look nice. (f. e. your toenails could go weeks with one layer of polish, while your nails sometimes lost half of it in a few hours).

    If you’re attending a wedding, perhaps consider going to a nailartist. They should know how to make it look neat and lasting.

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