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Are we in Pleasant Grove, Utah ?

We get asked that question a lot. It seems some don’t know where the border between American Fork and Pleasant Grove is. The two cities do share a lot of streets. You could be in Pleasant Grove one minute and the next in American Fork and still be on the same street. I’ve always wondered what people consider their home town when their house sits on the border.
Our nail salon is not in Pleasant Grove. Sorry. Yes people have looked for ”nail salons Pleasant Grove” or “Pleasant Grove nail salons” on Google to find us and have been disappointed. LA Nails is actually in American Fork, UT but we are not that far from Pleasant Grove City.
Of course we do welcome all our Pleasant Grove clients of which we have many. When you come for a pedicure or manicure you’ll get top notch service no matter what city you hale from.
Our staff loves to do nails, and they love to do feet. There is a lot of satisfaction in doing a good job and I hope we always make our clients happy.