Getting a Pedicure for Men….My experience

Most men walk right on past the Nail Salon without a thought. Either that or they drop off their wife or girlfriend and go to the local hardware store to browse for the other type of nails. There are growing numbers of men however that are finding out that there is actual value to visiting the nail salon to get a pedicure.

A lot of men would ask “What is a pedicure?” While it sounds like some cure for your bicycle it’s actually a pleasureful pampering of your feet.

I hate people touching my feet and the first time I tried a pedicure I had a hard time sitting still. I was afraid the technician would cut me. I didn’t like the too familiar proximity of another woman touching my feet.

Oh… the technician for me must be female. The same goes for a massage. I’m not about to let a male touch me. Call me irrational, but that’s the way it is.

A pedicure as I have discovered can make the feet feel fantastic. Once I got over the reluctance to have another person touching my feet I started to relax and enjoy. My fear of being cut by the technician is mostly baseless. Of course I choose a very experienced nail person and have not had the courage to try a nail student even if the cost is much less.

Speaking of fears, I also didn’t want to be seen inside a nail salon getting a pedicure. I avoid places like Wal-Mart nail salons here people can walk by and see me. My choice of a salon is one like LA Nails in American Fork where it’s a standalone salon and less chance of anyone seeing me with my feet wet.

For me, dead skin on my feet is an issue. The pedicure technician has a file type instrument that shaves away the dead skin on my heals. It removes all that buildup and makes my feet look and feel fresh and new. The solution I soak in gives the feel a tingling “just awakened” feel.

Sitting in the pedicure chair with its massage feature on, watching the big screen TV, and having someone work on my feet seems almost indulgent. I’m like a King being pampered and it only costs a few bucks. Sometimes I almost drool on myself.

The biggest benefit to a pedicure however is the way my wife treats me afterward. I feel fantastic and perhaps my attitude is brighter, but she seems to smile more and treat me with respect. Perhaps it’s because she knows my feet are clean and neat or perhaps it’s just that I’ve entered into her world for an hour or so. Whatever the reason it’s there is a tangible improvement in our relationship when I get a pedicure.

The more pedicures I get the more men I see at the salon. I’m not alone! That’s a big relief. The guys that come are not whims either. Some of them are big burly logger type guys that just like to have their feet groomed. Perhaps they also like the cute female technicians. I can’t comment on that officially without causing an incident at home. Let’s just say I’ve noticed that some technicians are pleasing to the eye as well as being effective in making my feet feel wonderful.