This Snow Globe Manicure Actually Works Like a Real One

This Snow Globe Manicure Actually Works Like a Real One & We Can’t Stop Staring

Snow globes are quintessential for winter, which might be because they’re literally worlds where it’s always snowing. Anyway, one nail technician over at Nail Sunny nail salon in Russia just took holiday nails to the next level by adding a 3D snow globe to a manicure — and it looks pretty wild. 

  • In a recent Instagram post, the nail salon shared images of the festive AF manicure, with the star of the show being the snow globe on the middle finger.

By the way, the custom snow globe is actually filled with glitter and fluid, so it’s a real, working snow globe. 

Nail Sunny is known for its impressive and skillful 3D nail art, once making a fish tank manicure that came with a real, live fish. (The ethics on this one are still with the jury.)

  • The salon also shared a video of how the intricate manicure was done, and it racked up over 1 million views in one week.

  • After painting the client’s nails with red, green, and glitter, the nail artist made a hard-shelled circular globe and then placed it atop the nail. Then the artist painted a snowy background on the nail (to serve as the snow globe’s background) before attaching the globe atop. After adding a snow-like effect around the globe, the artist literally injected the globe with liquid and glitter, so that it could shake and move around like a real snow globe. Talk about going the extra mile.

  • Some people were mesmerized by the realistic nail art, with one person calling it “amazing.”

  • But not everyone. Some folks found the snow globe to look “tacky as all hell” and reminiscent of a “blister.”

    “I like the concept, but unless you really looked at it, it looks like something’s seriously wrong with that nail,” one person commented.

    “This is too extra for me,” another person wrote.

  • While we must admit that having a working snow globe could be fun, we’re not sure we’d be rocking this look for more than, say, an hour.

    Although we will say that these nails definitely take the holiday-nail cake.

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