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The Best Summer Nail Polish Color for Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Summer Nail Polish Color for Your Zodiac Sign

Aquarius. You love walking that fine line between slightly eccentric and totally bonkers. A lemony shade of yellow says “I’m independent. Deal with it!”

Pisces. Complex, emotional and ever-changing is the Piscean way. Your ability to handle the ebb and flow of life (with a healthy dose of skepticism) is why you need a glittery sage polish that shimmers and adapts to the light. 

Aries. You live for trying new trends, and that’s exactly why this shimmering holographic rose gold shade is so up your alley—not to mention an Instagram moment in the making.

Taurus. When you find something you love, you’re ride-or-die about it and rarely stray. That’s why we know you’ll love this classic baby pink shade in a foolproof seven-day formula.

Gemini. Curious and open-minded, you’re all about switching things up. This iridescent purple shade reflects that.

Cancer. A homebody at heart, you are driven by your emotions. This five-free polish in a sophisticated yet soothing gray hue will make you feel right at home.

Leo. Fiery red may be the typical choice for you, but don’t overlook the opportunity to dip your tips into one of the season’s biggest trends, vibrant orange.

Virgo. Speaking of red, this timeless hue is ideal for a perfectionist like yourself.

Libra. You love to indulge in expensive products, and pretty packaging is an absolute must, which is precisely why this frosted blush Smith & Cult nail varnish has your name written all over it.

Scorpio. This deep blue shade is a refreshing departure from your usual all-black-everything approach. It’s also aptly named “Blindfold Me.” We’ll just leave it at that.

Sagittarius. The easygoing Sag approaches the good, the bad and the ugly of life with grace, humor and generosity. Inviting shades of creamy pastels really capture your essence. Keep calm and carry on, girl.

Capricorn. Here’s an idea: This summer, replace your everyday nude with a fresh white. It’ll work wonders with your tan.