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20 Best Summer 2018 Nail Polish Color Trends

Sandal season is fully upon us, and with your fingers and toes on full display until further notice (see you never, boots and gloves), why not show them off with some fun summer nail colors?

One of the best aspects of summertime beauty (second only to letting your hair air-dry on a daily basis) is letting your creativity run wild when it comes to fun nail polish shades — and this year’s latest have us tempted to try them all before Labor Day.

While bright pinks, oranges, and corals are always on-trend for the warmer months, some of this year’s chicest options have an entirely different vibe altogether. “This season we’re seeing a lot of blues, light grays and light pinks,” Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa manicurist Manana Shenanglia tells Teen Vogue. “Sheer pink colors are also very trendy.”

Between beach days and far-flung vacations, it’s also important to make sure you’re doing everything you can to make your mani last as long as possible. The easiest way to achieve exactly that? “Use a gel top coat!” Manana says, who name-checks The Gel Genius Top Coat by Londontown as a go-to. “This will extend the life and shine of the polish and prevent chips and fades. You can also reapply this product at signs of wear.”

Scroll through for 20 of our favorite summer nail polish colors — from light pink to sunshine yellow to holographic purple — all of which will be sure to make your summer 2018 nail selfies (“nailfies”?) absolutely pop on your feed.

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A pop of periwinkle

Cool tones aren’t just reserved for cool months. Dip your toes into a purple-y blue like this one for a periwinkle pedicure that will add a fun pop to even the most boring pair of flip flops.
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A sandy shade

Take a page out of Meghan Markle‘s book and stick with something neutral on your nails — like this beach chic shade from TenOverTen.
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A sheer pink

While summer manis may typically be all about the brights, a petal pastel can pack just as much of a punch.
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Glittery blue

“Mermaid hair” and “mermaid makeup” are already a thing — why not add “mermaid nails” to the list?
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Poppy orange

Say “no more” to neutrals, and get loud with a bright shade that toes (… no pun intended) the line between red and orange.
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Tropical teal

Matching your nails to the backdrop of all your summer Instagram photos is always a good idea.
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Pastel purple

While it isn’t exactly a “neutral,” an orchid-inspired shade will go with every piece in your summer wardrobe.
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Bold blue

Look no further for Fourth of July manicure inspiration, care of this bright maritime blue.
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Creamy Orange

Consider this color the manicure equivalent of eating a creamsicle at the beach, with just a littttttle shimmer added in for good measure. What could be more summer-y than that?
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An eye-catching combo

Can’t decide between pink and red? Try ’em both at once. “Have fun pairing these two warm colors together. stripes and dots of the complimentary hues are playful easy to do, or try an eye-catching, non-traditional french manicure,” says côte co-founder Mary Lennon of this fun set.
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Rose gold

“Neutral glitter” may sound like an oxymoron, but choosing a cream or taupe with just a hint of shimmer — aka rose gold — will give your fingers and toes a little extra glitz without being over the top.
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Sky blue

Ocean-inspired shades will turn any seaside manicure selfie into a work of art.
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Shimmery red

Give your usual red a summer update with some subtle sparkle
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A holographic hue

Bring the holographic trend to your nails for an out-of-this world mani that looks like an optical illusion. Try it on an accent nail, or give yourself a full set of futuristic fingers.

White hot

Who said summer whites only apply to clothes? Stand out this season with a glossy, bright mani that makes a simple — but striking – statement. (Bonus points: It’ll match with literally any outfit.)
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Sunshine Yellow

Looking for summer in a bottle? Look no further than this true, sunshine yellow.
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Very berry

If bright and light pinks aren’t quite your style, try a deep, purple-infused hue instead.
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Iridescent lilac

Smack in the middle of the purple and pink spectrum, this glimmering shade is perfect for when you just can’t pick. It’s basically highlighter, but for your nails, and the subtle shimmer will look really, really pretty reflecting the summer sun.

Grassy green

Coat your nails with a grassy shade that is outdoorsy in the most unexpected way. Add white stripes or spots for an added element of summer-y dimension.

Bright Pink

Summer is best possible excuse for painting your nails in the brightest pink polish you can find. Try this bold fuchsia for an instantly mood-boosting mani.