11 Tricks to Make Your Manicure Last Longer

Summer is all about flaunting beautiful looking hands and feet. And, it’s easy to do a manicure from the comfort of your home. But, are you worried about the longevity of your manicure? Well, stop worrying and follow these super easy tricks to make your at-home manicure last longer.

1. Don’t Soak Before Painting:

Pre-soaking your nails in water should not be done before applying your nail lacquer. By doing so, your nails will tend to retain the water and swell up. By the time you finish applying the nail polish, your nails will return to their original size and the nail polish will start chipping and flaking away.

2. Brush Off Your Nails:

Besides using a toothbrush for exfoliating your lips, use it for your nails too. If you have enough time, take a toothbrush and a whitening paste and brush off your nails with it. It will make your nails free from dirt and grime, which may interfere between your nails and nail polish.

3. Use White Vinegar:

If you don’t have enough time for brushing your nails, you can use white vinegar as well. Wiping your nails with white vinegar before applying a base coat will help in removing the natural oils or build-ups from your nails and will make them clean. However, before applying a base coat, allow the white vinegar to dry.

4. File in the Shape of Cuticles:

If you are not filing your nails in the shape of your cuticles, it will result in nail splitting. Also, this could contribute to ingrown nails which can be irritating. In addition to this, file your nails in one direction instead of using a back and forth motion.

5. Don’t Paint your Cuticles:

If you paint your cuticles with a nail polish, it might cause the nail polish to chip and flake. Try not to cut your cuticles, instead, push them back with the help of a cuticle pusher.

6. Use a Sticky Base Coat:

Unlike the regular base coats, the consistency of a sticky base coat is on the thicker side. It forms an even and thick layer on your nails. It hides the imperfections and facilitates a smoother application, making the nail polish last longer.

7. Roll Instead of Shaking:

Do not shake your nail polish bottle to mix the formula before using it as it may create bubbles within. While applying a nail paint, if you get bubbles on your nails, it will make the nail polish to chip and flake at a quicker pace. Alternatively, roll your nail lacquer bottle to blend the formula.

8. Seal the Edges:

While applying a nail polish, make sure to seal the edges else your nail polish will start to chip quickly. Sometimes in a hurry, you may forget to seal the edges unintentionally, which can affect the longevity of your manicure. So, always make sure to seal the edges properly.

9. Dry Naturally:

Your freshly manicured hands should be kept away from heat till they get dried completely. When you try to set the nail polish with blowing hot air, it only results in chipping of the nail polish. Even if you are in a hurry, try not to dry your nail polish by blowing air out of your mouth; It will smudge your nail polish. Always allow the nail polish to dry naturally.

10. Avoid Using Fast Drying Nail Polishes:

Whenever we are in a hurry, fast drying nail polishes come as a blessing. However, you should avoid using them. Fast drying nail polishes evaporate very quickly without giving much time to cure. These products deposit a softer layer on your nails, which further leads to chipping.

11. Avoid Using Hand Sanitizers:

Using a hand sanitizer frequently won’t let your manicure last longer at all. Using such products will fade away the colour of your nail polish and eventually, it will wear off. The same applies to other beauty products that contain fragrance or alcohol.

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