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5 Reasons Why Your Manicure Doesn’t Last

Does your mood improve when your nails are manicured? But what about when that mani chips, tho. What’s your mood like then? This must stop.


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Avoid manicure mess-ups with 5 tips (from the pros) & extend the life of your pretty nails.

Start Strong: Get vinegar from the kitchen and soak a cotton ball with it. Yep. Wipe vinegar over each nail. (vinegar removes any oils/lotion/moisturizer –even nail polish removers have moisturizing qualities, and that shortens the life of your mani). After a few seconds, add the basecoat. Something you might not know – you want 2 layers of basecoat. The first coat is ONLY on the top half of your nail. The second coat is over the full nail. And manicurists swear by THIS base coat!

 Patience: Between the base coats and polish coats, wait a FULL minute until you apply another layer. Otherwise the polish just gets gloppy. Can get lumpy. Get a wonky vibe. (however… when applying your top coat be sure to apply ASAP – see tip #4)

Thin for the Win: Think applying 1 THICK coat will save you time? Nope. Apply a few (try 3) coats of THIN polish to your nails instead. And remember to wait a minute betweet coats. It dries quicker & will last longer. Why? A thick coat dries on top first. The polish in lower layers takes a LOT longer to finally dry, aka more nail smudges.

Top it Off: When applying a top coat, make sure you do it IMMEDIATELY after your final coat of polish. The top coat needs to seep into the layers of polish to work effectively and blend into the color of your nailpolish for a flawless finish.

NOT a Fan: Want to speed up drying time? Drying nails with or near a fan can cause teeny, tiny bubbles to your mani. No bueno. Don’t do it. Did you know that a manicure can take up to 12 hours to harden? During that time avoid washing your hands in hot water – that will just make your manicure smudge or chip sooner.


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