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July 14, 2018

See How to Get This Understated Valentine’s Manicure

This Valentine's Manicure Is Sweeter Than a Hallmark Card


Considering that just about everything around the Valentine’s Day season is decked out in hearts, maybe it’s expected that nail art will follow suit. We teamed up with Maxus Nails founder Dasha Minina, who painted an understated design that is still super-festive without being a mirror image of a decked-out Russell Stover’s box. Not into the spirit? Switch your color scheme and do a black heart on a white base to let the people know your true feelings for the holiday.

VIDEO: How To Master The All Heart Manicure

Scroll down to find out exactly how to nail the effect.

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    Start with a generous coat of the Maxus Strengthening Base Coat ($18; ) and allow it to dry. Follow with two even coats of your favorite nude hue—Minina used the beige-toned Adored lacquer ($18; ).

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    Take your striping brush and dip it in a wine red color, like Respected ($18; ). Paint on a tiny heart shape close to the bottom portion of your nail. “Start with a smaller heart so you can even out the sides and allow yourself room for corrections,” Minina advises.

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    Continue placing the hearts on the rest of your digits as you see fit. Your non-dominant hand may be tricky, so we advise placing two dots where you want the heart to begin, then connecting them by painting a small V shape just below the spots. Fill in slowly to avoid mistakes.

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    Once the design is in place, allow it to dry for a minute or two to avoid streaking the red lacquer onto the nude base. Finish with a layer of Maxus Top Coat ($18; ).