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Selena Gomez sent a secret message with her nail polish at the 13 Reasons Why premiere

— mind blown

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When it comes to fashion, celebrities are smart about using it to get a point across. Case in point: Selena Gomez sent a secret message with her nail polish at the 13 Reasons Why premiere. She had everyone scouring the internet for answers. While fans were searching high and low for answers, Selena stunned with her orange ensemble.

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But one part of the outfit was not like the others. One of the parts just didn’t belong. Her nail polish!

Selena Gomez’s nails were a striking cobalt blue, perfectly contrasting the orange colors of her outfit. And if you are wondering why she chose that specific color, it was because she sent a secret message with her nail polish.

A secret message that almost broke the internet

The blue shade was not a random choice on Selena’s part. According to plot of 13 Reasons Why, the main character, Clay Jensen, is searching for the reason why his classmate, Hannah Baker, killed herself. His clues come in the form of cassette tapes marked with blue nail polish.


According to Teen Vogue, Selena Gomez’s nail color, $1.99 drugstore Sinful Colors in Endless Blue, is the same one that Hannah Baker wore on her last day of being alive. Leave it to Selena to tie it all together for us.

What’s more shocking than anything is how quickly the internet was able to put all the pieces together. Guess Selena’s fans know her extremely well. And with 13 Reasons Why steaming on Netflix, maybe Selena will send more secret messages with her future fashion choices!

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