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Amazing reasons to try hot oil manicure

Amazing reasons to try hot oil manicure

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team


  • Hot oil manicure uses warm oil as a medium for manicure.
  • The oil imparts nourishment to hands and nails.
  • It is especially beneficial for dry brittle nails.
  • This method cleanses and moisturizes hands making them supple.

Our hands are exposed to the worst treatment throughout the day. From chemicals in the household products to harsh detergents, not to mention the weather and constant washing, all strips the natural moisture off your hands and make them feel dry. A hot oil manicure will give your hands a much needed respite.

Hand care

Great for skin and nail health

The skin on hands is very thin, and hence is prone to dryness and wrinkles. Warm oils used in the hot oil manicure provide a nutrition boost and result in a soft pliable and glowing skin. Oils such as Vitamin E oil, almond oil, sesame oil and sunflower oil are used in this procedure, all of which are very good for your skin’s health.

Provides relief from dry and brittle nails

The oil provides nourishment to the nails and nail bed, helping the new growing nails to become strong. Strong nails are resistant to peeling and breaking. Regular use of this manicure will help avoid frequent breakage. Adding essential oils such as lavender, jojoba and lemon oil will further increase effectiveness of the manicure, as these oils are known to promote nail growth.

Cure for prickly cuticles

We all have suffered from dry peeling overgrown cuticles every now and then. Cuticles are there to protect your nail matrix, but sometime they become too dry or overgrow resulting in unsightly nails and sometimes can be painful too. Hot oil manicure helps soften the cuticles, making them more manageable.

Boosts blood circulation

In hot oil manicure you are supposed to immerse your hands in warm oil. The warmth combined with gentle massage is a great way to improve blood circulation in your hands, making them healthy and soft.You can add a drop or two of essential oils to the oil mixture to benefit even more.

Great cleanser and exfoliator

Just like  the oil cleansing method which is used to remove make up from face, the warm oil helps cleanse the skin on your hands. The oil also makes the dead outer layer of the skin soft, which is then easily exfoliated by gentle massaging motions.

It’s great for men too

Unlike other manicures which basically cater to just aesthetic purposes, hot oil manicure actually helps with the nail and skin health, making it a great option for men too. Men tend to have rough skin on their hands which can be alleviated with regular hot oil manicure sessions.