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Did Beyoncé Change Her Manicure During Coachella?

Did Beyoncé Change Her Manicure During Coachella?

Urgent Question Answered: Did Beyoncé Change Her Manicure During Coachella?

One more tidbit Beyoncé can add to her resumé? Fooling the Internet into thinking she changed her manicure mid-set. Let us explain.

In the wake of the performance, Twitter was ablaze with speculation that along with five costume changes — all various custom Balmain designs — Beyoncé also switched up her manicure. Fans noted that Bey began the set with black nails and ended with white ones. Cue: a case for the FBI!

Beyoncé changing her nail polish during her Coachella set is the level of extra we all need to achieve.

If the fact that Beyoncé managed to change nail polish between costume changes at Coachella doesn’t explain how epic she is I dunno..

beyoncé ain’t playing, during a outfit change she even changed her nail polish. yes, i aspire to be this level of extra pic.twitter.com/xDTKzGWxO9

If Beyoncé can remove her nail polish and reapply a different color during a 5 minute costume change and STILL not break a sweat then a bitch can get through the rest of this semester

if Beyoncé can change her nail polish between sets then you can text me back

Although Beyoncé is a magical human, she is still a human and rocked only one impeccable manicure during her set. As Buzzfeed reports, the silver nails in question were actually from a dress rehearsal. Still doesn’t take away from the un-fricking-believable experience that was Beychella. This also makes us want to go invest in some black nail polish, stat.

Image Source: Getty / Larry Busacca