Painful Pedicure Sends Woman To The ER When She Wakes Up Unable To Stand On Infected Foot

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle

When we pamper ourselves, we don’t expect that we’ll have to suffer the consequences later. Small treats like spa days are supposed to be relaxing, not send you to the emergency room.

Tara Batista visited a nail salon for a pedicure as she has many times before. But this time, the pedicure was painful.

However, she didn’t think anything of the pain until she started feeling weak just hours after the pedicure was over. There was pain shooting up her leg.

Then, a day and a half later, she couldn’t stand the foot in question. It hurt her too much, and family members had to drive her to the emergency room to get it checked out.

There, doctors determined that she had an injection that had spread to the bone. Tara spent a week in the hospital and for the next six weeks, she will be hooked up to medicine that will help her recover.

Although Tara is convinced that the pedicure gave her the infection, her opinion cannot be proven.

But how can you avoid the same fate and injury as this woman? The first order of business is to ask the salon how the tools are cleaned before each use.

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Thumbnail Photo: Twitter / Joanna Campbell

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