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‘Your language sounds like you were born out of a f***ing hermit crab’: Irate nail salon customer unleashes racist rant because she didn’t get TOP COAT on her manicure


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A woman who was displeased with her manicure, unleashed a torrid, racist rant against the owner of a Florida salon, who maintained a calm, professional demeanor throughout the incident caught on tape.

The irate customer is aggressively complaining to the owner that not only did she not get the top coat to her manicure, but that the man doing her nails did not understand what she was asking for when she asked him to correct it.

Point – Owner – Customer – Way – Store

At this point, the owner is trying to get the regular customer, who behaves this way regularly, out of the store without incident.

Karen Vu, the owner of Bali Nail Spa in Lutz, is patient and polite, and at times, quietly condescending.

Customer – Worker – Nails – English – Vu

As the angry customer explains that the worker who did her nails did not understand English, she then begins to lash into Vu as well.

‘You sound nasty, your language sounds nasty. It actually sounds like you were born out of a f***ing hermit crab,’ hissed the customer at the owner, who is somehow still maintaining her patience.

Advice – Vu – Insult – Deaf – Ears

‘Thank you very much for your advice,’ replied Vu, as if the insult landed on deaf ears.

‘If I wanna go to a nail salon, I want them to talk English so they can understand when I want a g**d*** top coat,’ the customer again seethed.

Vu – Mantra – Customer

‘Whatever you say,’ Vu said repeating the old mantra that the customer is always right with a second, ‘Whatever you say.’

‘If they don’t understand the language they should go back to their own…