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Tonic Nail Polish July 2018 Releases

Today I have the new Tonic Nail Polish July 2018 Releases.

The majority of the July releases are joining the Tonic line-up of always-in-stock essentials that also includes Detox, Jinkx, Happy Beginning, and the Tonic Topper Top Coat.  Do you have any of the essentials already?  “Jinkx” is possibly one of my favorite Tonics as well as “Detox.”  Let’s take a closer look at the Tonic Nail Polish July 2018 Releases.


I used the Tonic Topper as my shiny top coat for all of my photos shown below.


“Sapphire” is a deep sapphire blue shimmer with a glow.  Shown is one coat plus top coat.  This is a very pigmented blue so I recommend using a base coat for sure.

Below is “Sapphire” with “Uba Tuba” as the topper.


“Pepper Undies” is a grey(ish)  – purple(ish) cream to match the previously release Unicorn Pee polish, Pepper.  Shown is two coats plus top coat.

I used “Apotheke” as the topper for “Pepper Undies.”  Makes it look just like “Pepper.”


“Empress Undies” is a purple cream to match their new Unicorn Pee polish, Empress.  Shown is three coats plus top coat.

Next is “Empress Undies” with one coat of “Uba Tuba” on top.


“Empress” is a purple crelly with a strong red-gold-green shimmer and it is the newest member of the Tonic Unicorn Pee family.  This is not part of the basics that will always be in stock.  The first batches release July 1st along with the basics and a small restock is planned for August.  One bottle per person limit on this beauty.

PRICE: $10 for Sapphire, $9 for the Undies 😉

WHEN: July 1st

WHERE: Tonic Nail Polish Store


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