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12 Cutest Manicure and Pedicure Color Combos for Summer

Summers are all about flaunting those perfectly manicured and pedicured hands and feet. Let’s find out some great mani-pedi combos that look lovely when paired together.

Bright pink and coral

The brighter, the better! Break all rules and go for bright poppy pink for your mani and bright coral for your toes. This is a great way to embrace bold and vibrant colours in your outfits.

Neon and neutral

Go for bright neon nails and tone down the intensity by going for neutral-hued toes. Neon and neutrals make for amazing combo and complement each other well.

Orange and light blue

If you need instant mood lifter hues then go for a beautiful orange on your nails and a subtle and calming light blue on your toes.

White and pink

Fresh French manicure on hands can be beautifully complemented by vivacious pink on your toes. The brightness of pink amplifies in those summer sandals.

Pink and ocean blue

This is also a great colour combo. You can go for elegantly painted nails in the pink shade and a vibrant ocean blue for your toes this season.

Mint green and teal

These are beautiful variations of green colour and look so ethereal when applied alone or in combo. Paint your nails in mint green colour and go for beautiful teal for your toes.

Barbie pink and bright yellow

These two colours are feminine, bright and so much fun to apply. These are also great for colour-blocking. You can choose to go for a Barbie pink for your mani and opaque coats of a bright yellow on your toes.

Aqua and cobalt

These are effervescent shades of blue that make for an electric combo. They will remind you of good days at the beach. Opt for aqua blue for your hands and cobalt blue for your toes.

Red and beige

This is a classic colour combo that you can never go wrong with. Go for sultry red nails and pair them up with a beige shade for your toes that complements your skin tone.

Mint and lime

These are really fun colours to try and instantly make you all summer ready. Paint your nails in the mint shade and your toes in daring lime.


Experiment with different metallic shades and do not shy away from trying out two different metallics like silver and gold together.

Pink purple and lilac

This colour combo is fun to apply and look really chic and feminine at the same time. Go for pink purple for your mani and pair it with lilac shade for your pedi.

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