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Colleges, Academies & LA Manicure Course

Yes, it is true that beauty industry is actually one of the crazy famous professional sectors and the competition here increases with each passing year. But one can never achieve anything in their comfort zone so if you think beauty sector is your cup of tea then don’t shy away from the effort and dedication. There are various interesting beauty sectors that could be your career choice like hair styling, nail art, massage therapy, and manicure, barber and cosmetologist and esthetician.

Coming down to the Southern State of US, that is, California; the region is pretty affluent and it is one of the main centers of fashion and beauty industry of the country. The nail art schools in Los Angles and various top notch cities of California are known for their impressive infrastructure and state of the art facilities of the students they offer. Talking about nail art program; this course is a 400 clock hour training program. If you want to excel in your aesthetic field make sure to get the latest and best training so that you can learn the techniques, tricks and efficient methods to administer the services.

Perks of getting professional training is that you learn about diverse subjects during your training period, your educators are there to assist you and guide you and you get the latest tools and equipments for practicing your services. The manicure course offered by Los Angeles training schools are certified programs and following is the outline of the course:

  • Learning life skills
  • Class on history & opportunities
  • Boosting the professional personality of the students
  • Developing communication skills
  • Class on infection control
  • Class on general anatomy & physiology
  • Unit on skin structure and growth
  • Unit on nail disorders and diseases
  • Chemistry
  • Nail products & chemistry
  • Class on manicure & pedicure
  • Unit on electric filling
  • Acrylic nails and enhancements
  • UV gels
  • Salon business and sales
  • Employment and job opportunities
  • Beauty licensure exam and preparation

Above mentioned are the theoretical class training, below we have given an outline of the practical topics related to the nail design program in Los Angeles:

  • Tip extensions
  • Learning to sculpt clear and form extensions
  • Class on learning French manicure, which is sculpting pink & white
  • Practical nail services like nail repair, reills and rebalance
  • Learning nail art (color gel & acrylic)
  • Class on electric filing
  • Spa manicure services and regular manicure training
  • Pedicure procedure
  • Spa pedicure services
  • Massage of arms and hands
  • Foot & leg massage training
  • Nail art techniques like decals, rhinestones, glitter, mylar flakes etc.

Your college will also conduct mock exams to prepare the students for beauty licensure and employment exams. You should start your college searching and learn more about the services and courses the particular college offers. You can go online if you are running short on time and get hassle-free results for your desirable search.

Palacebeautycollege is also providing financial aid los angeles. This institution is famous for its modern and new age professional Nail Design Los Angeles,cosmetology,make-up,spa therapies and nutrition etc. You can join this school to cosmetology college california and can get the contemporary education to become the expert beauty professional related to this field of beauty and make overs.

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Written by: Carlton Fenway