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Ashley Graham’s Holiday-Ready Manicure Is Surprisingly Easy

Ashley Graham’s Holiday-Ready Manicure Is Surprisingly Easy

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Whether you typically go for nude-toned hues or bold polishes, Ashley Graham‘s two-toned manicure is a holiday go-to.

It has just enough holiday flair to be the topic of your cocktail conversations, yet it’s subtle approach keeps it from overpowering the rest of your look—perfection. At first glance, her nails, created by celebrity manicurist Mar Y Sol Inzerillo for the 2017 Met Gala, look really hard to do. The two polishes and intricate design would keep most from attempting the style from the comfort of their home. But, we’ve come to realize that it’s actually pretty simple to do.

With the help from PRIV, we broke down the impactful look, so you can rock the style with ease. Check out the steps below! 

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Step 1

File your nails into your desired shape.

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Step 2

Buff your nails beds, so an ultra-smooth surface.

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Step 3

Apply a clear base coat to the nails. 

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Step 4

Apply one coat of nude-toned polish to the nail bed. Wait approx. five minutes before moving on to the next step.

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Step 5

Apply red nail polish to one side of your nail bed. Then, make three small semi-circles along the midpoint. Allow the polish to dry for approx. five minutes.

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Step 6

Perfect your semi-circles with a pointed brush, dipped in nail polish remover.

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Step 7

Apply a top coat for long-lasting wear.

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Step 8

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