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Student painting his teeth white with nail polish goes viral – Kicker Daily News

Student painting his teeth white with nail polish goes viral

Image via Chenny Grace Destacamento Espelico’s Facebook account
  • A young Senior High School student who painted his teeth with a nail polish has captured the attention of millions of viewers online
  • The viral video uploaded, by another teenager, was found by some as entertaining while others thought the act was foolish
  • Facebook users shared the video more than 22,000 times in less than a day

A young student who was shown in an amateur video applying a white nail polish on his teeth to make it appear pearly white got more than 2 million views and more than 22,000 shares. The viral video was uploaded by netizen Chenny Grace Destacamento Espelico.

The post captioned: “That smile tho. Saan aabot ang nail polish nyo? The new and latest whitening solution (nail polish dzae kyutiks in ilonggo) tested by Stephen Borce MattiHALA NYO INDI TA NI SA KILALAYA #Panomagsmileangdyosa #Confidentlybeautiful”.

[That smile though! How far can a nail polish go? The new and latest whitening solution tested by Stephen Borce Matti]

Obviously, a nail polish isn’t meant to be applied inside the mouth because of its chemicals that are not meant to be ingested, but some youngsters nowadays would try anything such as coloring the teeth for amusement.

It was seen that the boy named Stephen was wearing makeup and appeared like he was jokingly advertising the nail polish as a teeth whitener.

Though it seemed like a complete joke but the Facebook post received mixed comments. Some netizens found it entertaining while some found it crazy.

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