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June 25, 2018

50 Amazing French Manicure Designs – Cute French Nail Art

A French manicure is a truly classic nail polish look. Perfect for a clean, crisp and stylish finish to any outfit, the French manicure is often favoured by many for a special occasion or an event. Whether it’s a wedding, a party or simply day to day, the Styles Weekly office couldn’t possibly be bigger fans of the French manicure finish. However, there are so many different twists you can add to take your French manicure to the next level! Here are some of our favourite French manicure designs, all of which are easy to copy from the comfort of your own home.

French Manicure with Patterned Index Finger

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This gorgeous French manicure is a subtle touch of flair on a classic look, adding a pattern to the finger nail of the index finger for a cute and classy twist. Start by painting all of your nails in the classic French manicure style – a nude pink for the full nail, finished with a bright white tip. Using a nail art pen, draw pretty swirls for a gorgeous pattern on the index nail, as pictured above.

Ombre French Manicure


This absolutely beautiful contemporary twist on a French manicure might just be our favourite of this gorgeous gallery – and we’re only the second picture in! Utilising the signature nude pink and white shades of a French manicure, this fashionable lady has opted for a subtly ombre blend from one shade to the next, as opposed to the start white tips of a classic French manicure.

Signature French Manicure


We couldn’t create a gallery of French manicure looks without including a classic and signature manicure that no one can argue with. As we mentioned in our introduction, the signature French manicure is just a classic. Nude pink on the nail with crisp, white tips. As you can see from this picture, the end result is clean and classy, every single time.

Glossy French Manicure with Glitter Accent


french manicure with gold glitter

This beautiful little twist on a French manicure is simply perfect and oh so festive – ideal for the holiday season! Start by working a classic French manicure style on all finger nails except your index fingers, with a pink base and a stark white tip. Finish with a top coat. Taking your favourite glitter style, paint your index finger for the perfect accent.

French Manicure with Gold Tips

nailsby Arelisp

This stunning style has stolen our hearts – we just adore the gold tips on this look! A little twist on a classic French mani, start by painting all of your nails a pastel pink shade. With a glossy gold, carefully line the tips – using a gold instead of a typical white just gives the look a little something extra, don’t you think?

Ombre French Manicure with Glitter


The second ombre style French manicure of this fantastic gallery, but this look has a sparkly twist to add a festive finish! Using a sponge, blend your white shade into the nude pink to create this incredible ombre style. When finished, take a glitter top coat and work over all of the nails for this sparkly ombre end result.

Glossy Pink to White Blend


This beautiful look is subtle, stylish and just perfect for something a little different. Start by using a nail file to square the edges off. Then, paint your nails a baby pink shade. Using a sponge, dab white nail polish on to the sponge and then lightly dab on to the tips of your fingers, creating a gorgeous ombre blend. Finish with a top coat for this gleam and shine!

French Manicure with Glitter Tips


This stunning French manicure has a simple twist on the classic look, but one that is oh so effective! Start by painting your nails in the classic French manicure style, with pink for the base of the nail and a curved white tip for contrast. Taking a glitter top coat, gently paint over the white for these fabulous sparkly tips!

French Manicure with Black Tips

For a more interesting take on a French manicure – why not swap the white tips with black like this lovely lady has done? The pink and black colours work perfectly together, creating a dramatic yet sophisticated end result which will be just perfect for your night out or special occasion.

Alternative French Manicure

This nail art look is a completely contemporary twist on the French manicure – but we have to say, we just love it! For the thumb, ring fingers and little fingers, go for a classic French style with with black and white as opposed to pink and white. on your middle finger, be a little creative with the pink, black and white colours creating a lovely pattern. Be sure to go for something completely different on the index finger nail, like this lovely nude and white jacquard-style print pictured above.

French Manicure with Flower Accent Finger


This look adds an ever so subtle twist on the French manicure, but one that is flirty, feminine and simply perfect we think. Paint your nails in a classic French style, with pink at the bottom and stark white tips for a clean finish. Using a nail stamp or a nail art pen, draw a pretty white flower pattern on your index finger nails to finish the look off perfectly.


Cute classic French manicure design for girls

Cool ombre French manicure design

Cool black French manicure design for girls

Black French manicure design

French manicure design with red glitter

French manicure design for short nails

Cool French manicure ideas

Classic French manicure design

Red French manicure design

We think each of these looks adds a little something different to traditional nail art, with finished results which will ensure that you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Which are your favourite French manicure designs? Let us know which ones you just love!