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January 4, 2012

Doing A Manicure For Men

The debate on whether men should go for manicure seems a never ending debate. It is better if we do not indulge ourselves in this stereotypic debate. Let’s follow what we believe. If we want to go for a manicure being a men then what is the problem in that. We also want clean hands and a hygienic body. Manicures are great fun and it is advised whether you are men or women, one must go for manicures. With the changing trends and more a metro sexual atmosphere all around, the hype created over men manicure is calming down. With more and more unisex salons and well equipped men salons, men manicure is becoming popular in a good sense. Many men also do not shy away from manicures now. This positive change is being accepted all over but slowly.

So when a man does not mind getting a manicure, how does it matter to others? This write up will cover all the aspects of men manicures and home manicure techniques. Since it can be done at cheap rates in any near by salon you can go and get it done. But if you wish to do it yourself then you can follow some simple tips. Doing a manicure is not at all difficult. If you have few basic things like solution, nail pillar and sharpener then you will face absolutely no problem in doing a manicure for yourself. The steps are as followed:

1. Before staring on with manicure you must do some massage? Massaging relaxes the hands and makes them softer and smoother. Wash and dry your hands and do massaging again for few minutes.

2. Now try removing the enamel. File your nails instead of cutting them. Now you should use oil or cuticle serum to your nails. It is advised that you must rub the oil to your cuticles as well.

3. Now after doing all this, you need to soak your hands in some solution or dish washing solution. After that use warm water to wash them properly. This step will remove all the extra dirt and irritants from your hands and nails. Warm water will make your hands softer and cleaner.

4. For this step you need nail brush. You should now remove all the left dead skin from the nail using this nail brush. You it on whole palm including nails and fingers.

5. if you have pumice stone at your place then warm it in warm water and rub your finger tips with it. It is excellent in removing the stains from your finger tips which is full of moisture.

6. Now us a rubber pointed stick and clean out the surface of your nails especially the corner region along with the skin.

7. Now you can dry your hands and cut the nails if required.

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Following these simple steps will complete your process of manicuring. After doing it you will definitely feel cleaner. You can do it on a regular basis without having any sort of doubts regarding men manicuring in your mind.