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20 Super Cute Pedicure Trends

Although you can certainly give yourself a pedicure from the comfort (and financial convenience) of your own home, there are two huge benefits that come with going to a spa or salon instead. One is that you can get pampered (and every woman deserves a bit of that!). The second is because there are professionals who can come up with all sorts of fun and creative designs.

Ones like these…

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Swirly big toes

Swirly big toes/via

If you like a few different colors but you don’t want your toes to look too “busy”, how about mixing two or more into a swirl pattern on your big toe?

A gold metallic stripe

A gold metallic stripe/via

Metallics are big right now. One subtle way to incorporate them into a pedicure is by using a gold (or silver) line to separate two of your favorite colors.

Mosaic toes

Mosaic toes/via

Doesn’t this look like a work of art? Mosaic, to be specific.

Metallic stripes

Metallic stripes/via

Another fun way to use metallics is to put some stripes on your big toe or to color a couple of your smaller ones silver, gold or copper. Or, you can even add tiny dots—like you see on this picture.

Pastel tiles

Pastel tiles/via

Before this picture, you might have only thought that tiles were good for bathroom flooring. Clearly, it’s aesthetically appealing in a variety of other ways as well.

‘American Flag’ feet

‘American Flag’ feet/via

Whether the Fourth of July is coming up or you’re simply feeling extra patriotic one day, this is a cute and creative way to express how much you love America.

Spring themes

Spring themes/via

With the spring season comes flowers in bloom. Plus, being that retro flower earrings are currently a hot trend, this look will go perfect with some of your throwback accessories.

Halloween feet

Halloween feet/via

Do you like dressing up for Halloween? If so, don’t forget about your feet.

Geometric pattern

Geometric pattern/via

Initially, this might seem like too much for toes, but if you’re someone who doesn’t like wearing a lot of jewelry or prefers to wear solids or neutrals a lot, this can add a bit of “energy” to your outfits.

Peppermint feet

Peppermint feet/via

These toes are another take on the swirl pattern that was shown earlier. Except thanks to the red-and-white combo, the feet look good enough to eat. Plus, they are perfect for the holiday season!

Beaded big toes

Beaded big toes/via

With the Bohemian style being so big right now, this is a perfect complement to a kimono jacket or lace mini dress. (Don’t you just love how it looks like literal bead work on the big toes?)

Floral patterns

Floral patterns/via

This is another way to do floral. Very cute for a summer vacation or outdoor wedding.

Animal print French pedicure

Animal print French pedicure/via

If you’ve always liked animal print, here’s a way to wear it on your toes. It’s one of the most inventive French manicures we’ve seen in a while, actually.

Strawberry big toes

Strawberry big toes/via

Enjoying bowls and bowls of fresh fruit is one of the best things about summer. This particular pedicure is simply a reminder of that.

Rainbow polka dots

Rainbow polka dots/via

Polka dots are cute on just about everyone. Especially when they come in a rainbow pattern like this one.

Mint green with a design

Mint green with a design/via

Mint (or seafoam) green is all over the fashion magazines and blogs right now. If you get your feet painted this color and add a feminine design, your toes will be fashion forward.



Can’t decide on which colors you want to wear? Who said you have to choose?

Tropical look

Tropical look/via

It would be awesome if you could take a tropical vacation soon. But even if you can’t, you can make your feet look like you just did (or are planning to really soon).

Butterfly big toes

Butterfly big toes/via

Butterflies symbolize things like transformation, joy and having a free spirit. Awesome things to convey from head to toe.

Tons of crystals

Tons of crystals/via

You know what they say: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But even if your bank account is tight, your feet can look high-end with the help of a few well-placed crystals.